have ALL pampers got this new bit in them? i thought from the posts on here it was just the active fit ones and therefor i put lizzie in the normal baby dry ones (not the orange packed simply dry) and she has now got a very sore bottom!
she normally has huggies but i brought these in the asda baby event (i now have some huggies) and i was wondering if the nappies themself could be the problem. I used pampers baby dry with dd1 and had no problems.
any ideas??


  • from what i've seen on the packs its just the 'active fit' and the 'new baby' that have the new 'dry max' system in them...quite annoying as i ahve a voucher for new baby and would use it for baby no2 due in december, but i'm really not keen on this whole new dry max lark after everything i've heard about it. x
  • I thought it was just the active fit. We use those during the day, and baby dry at night. Haven't had a problem with either of them. *Touches wood*

    I do wonder if it's girls wearing them, which have more problems, obviously they pee in a slightly different place in the nappy. xx
  • thanks. all i know that is different in them is a blue bit inside the nappy which wasnt there when i had dd1,lol.
    think i will stick to huggies as poor lizzie is so grumpy with a sore bum, bless her x
  • i threw all my pampers away too.. i find them pretty crap anyway!! we have used the tescos nappies.. not as cardboard feeling as huggies and keep more wee soaked up by miles!!
  • we had a problem with the baby dry the padding has gone in the back like the active fit and they also gave my little girl a rash will never use pampers again
  • we chucked all our pampers in the bin we found that they leaked badly too and have gone back to huggies
  • Flynn got a sore bottom when I was using some Baby Dry which I got at the Asda baby event. I asked Pampers if they had changed these and they said they hadn't, but I'm not sure I believe it. I stopped using Pampers completely.
  • thanks for replies. we are back with huggies now,which i have always found better for lizzie. any ideas what to do with over 50 pampers,lmao!!
  • tbh I would just bin them, thats what I did. We bought 2 jumbo boxes of Pampers then started having problems so we stopped using them and switched to Huggies. I told Pampers I was going to throw them out but they weren't bothered. Such a waste but they wouldn't have got used anyway.
  • Sell them on ebay! :lol: Or go on netmums and offer them to someone in your area. xx
  • Sorry just seen this! Yes there are issues with those now too. When we met with Pampers they told us they would put the horible DryMax into all their nappies over time so it is probally is in it already. Other parents have realised a chnage too They just do it and not announce it grrrr image

    See other people complaining here:-!/group.php?gid=112466695451972
  • Am I the only one that thinks the new nappies are actually ok? Not had any problems at all!
  • that explains why i put one on ems last week and within the two hours she had it on nappy rash came up really really badly! i then accidently put two on her one day last week and by the end of the day her butt was red raw and almost bleeding :'( she was crying her eyes out too at every change coz it hurt so much when we put cream on her, GRRRRRRR.

    if they're full packs/boxes that are unopened you can return them to some shops without a receipt and they'll give you credit note for store normally, i'm doing that with the 5 boxes people have bought me since i invested in my cloth nappies!!!
  • im going to send them back to pampers-i dont want my money back but they can dispose of them! they are crap!
    I would give them away but i just couldnt bare the thought of some unknowing mummy putting them ona dalicate bottom to end up looking like more poor Lizzies has!
    im disgusted!!
  • This is all news to me. I have been using Pampers baby dry with no problems so far and my lo has sensitive skin so I'll keep a close eye on it. Surely Pampers should refund everyones money?
  • BTW ladies, Pampers "say" they have not had many complaints (!! I dont believe them, I dont beleive anything they say anymore!) so please do complain to the following 3 parties:-

    Complain to Pampers, BBCWatchdog and Trading Standards:-

    PAMPERS: 0191 2975000 or 0800 328 3281 and [email protected]

    BBCWatchdog - plus you can add a comment to their blog if you like -

    Report your complaint to your local Trading Standards office (you can Google your local office) or you can use the following link and phone them to make your complaint and they will pass it onto the central office for you -

    NB Pampers will offer you vouchers to spend on MORE Pampers products. If you dont want more Pampers Products ask for for a cheque or a bank transfer for you. They are more than happy to send out ?? than actually admit there is something wrong.

  • ooh just seen this

    we never had problems with sore botties but i found the pampers now smell when LO has weed so alongside our cloth we use huggies which we find much better x
  • yes they do smell REALLY badly and also feel damp on the otherside! my mum looked after lizzie for an hour and changed her bum about 4 times as she couldnt bare the smell from them!
    Right I will email pampers later-wish me luck!!
  • Ah noo I use pampers active fit and baby dry at night and had no problems! It was wrong for them tochange without advertising however!

    Naappy rash is caused by a fungal infection or irritation from the ammona in babies urine or their faeces. It isn't actually caused by nappies! Mayb the dry max isn't good for sensitive skin?

    I use them and change nappy 10 times in the day, not because the nappy is saturated just to keep lo not sore
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