best follow on milk?

Could you let me know what brand your lo's have for their follow on milk. My lo is 5 months old and on SMA Gold at the moment. I've been told Cow & Gate is very good by other mums - a lot of them didn't rate SMA for some reason.

Do you give the milk to your lo as soon as 6 months or is it best until they are weaned properly and on 3 meals a day?

I'm a little bit ahead of myself here as not even started weaning yet, but I don't want to leave things until last minute, also would rather ask other mums than ask hv as mine preaches a little! :roll:


  • ive been wondering weather to put harri on follow on milk or just leave him on his hungry baby, i use aptimil so if i do go on to follow on milk i will be sticking with that,xxx
  • I have heard that Hipp Organic does a good follow on milk, we use Aptimil and I think we will prob just go on to Aptimil follow on.
  • i use hipp good night milk its brilliant!
  • to be honest, i dont think much of follow on milk - i think it is pretty much a gimmick!!

    i think if your lo is settled on the one they are on, leave them on it until switching to cows milk when one (as long as they can have it if you know what i mean!).

    the only benefit i think there is to follow on milk is it is cheaper?

    my lo is on aptamil extra (purple one!!), the other 2 had it, and they are both healthy kids - normal weight, height etc.
  • thats what i use ollier, thnik ill leave him on it
  • She does seem settled on SMA as had it since birth but I don't think she's ever enjoyed drinking it - sounds strange but I know what I mean. She's not a big eater and my oh has tasted it and said he doesn't know how she drinks it!!
    My sister's friend had the same trouble and she switched to Cow & Gate and said when she tasted it it was much nicer than SMA (she said it had a "twang" to it!!??). And her lo loved C&G follow on milk so that's whats made me think about changing just to see if she would enjoy drinking her milk more too. I suppose I could try her on cartons first if I do decide to change just in case she doesn't like it. I've got a while yet though. There's always something to think & worry about when you have a baby isn't there!! You get one thing sorted and something else pops up!
  • harri was on sma white for a while and it does taste yuk! i found sma gave him hard poos and did nothing for his reflux, im an aptimil lover threw and threw would definatley use it for any future babies i
  • My lo is 6 months now and im still giving him his c&g hungry baby milk - on 2 semi meals a day - i wouldn't say they are full meals yet as doesn't have much! i was thinking of sticking on it as was thinking the follow on milk will be weaker as supposed to be full on meals and then he'll prob wake in night again........ only just sorted that!!!

    mmmm decisons?!!!!

    also keep meaning to get goodnight milk for last feed to see if will help fin get through till morning without waking...

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