Spaghetti Bolognese

Hi there, my baby William is 6 and a half months and I have been weaning him for 5 weeks now. He has mostly been eating veg purees but I'm going to make up some meat purees. If I make a bol sauce would it be ok to puree some spaghetti with it?

Also, whats your opinions of food cooked with alcohol? When I make a casserole I use a little wine and the alcohol boils away quickly but I have no idea if the dish would be suitable for a baby.


  • hey,

    I imagine you could puree the pasta but it would prob be easier to use some baby pasta shapes. Does your lo have finger foods? Louise loves the cow and gate baby pasta or any other pasta she can pik up easily.

    I would think that the alcohol is fine as it's boiled it's no longer alhoholic. If your worried though take his portionout before adding it.
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