how many hours does ur LO go thru the night without bottle??

Luke is 12wks on thurs n im starting to feel very jealous of u ladies who have LO's who sleep thru the night. the latest i can get him to take a bottle (he is formula fed) is 8pm...any later n he will sleep thru and have his best sleep the wrong side of midnight. Tried dreamfeeding at 11:30 last night, he took only 2oz and then woke up at 3am anyway which is his normal timeto wake up!!!! anyway, he has a bottle at 8pm n sleeps till about 2:30-3am and wakes up for a feed, which is fine, one feed a night is nothing comapared to what he was taking...BUT...

im starting to think he will never sleep thru if his last bottle is 8pm. surely he wouldnt be able to go 9-10 hrs without a feed????

How many hours does ur LO go without a bottle???? should i still hold out hope that he will sleep thru after 8pm bottle??? (he will only take up to 20-22oz during the day...cant get him to take any more, if i feed him 3-3.5hr intervals rather than his normal 4hr feeds he will take less each bottle n still end up taking 20-22oz)..please give me hope!!!! starting to feel a bit of a failure n a bit left behind as it seems most people have their LO's sleeping thru by now


  • Hi hon,

    He's doing really well for his age! Most babies at that age are doing roughly the core night which is 10-6. Luke's only half an hour off that so is doing great!

    As he gets older he'll learn to take more at each feed and go longer, but it is a learning process that happens over time. Don't stress yourself out with this xx
  • My little boy didnt sleep through till he was 2!! He is two and a half now and has still only slept through about 20 times. Dream feeding never worked with him, he still woke at his usual time and then was normally sick because he had too much. My little girl is 13 weeks tomorrow and last night she slept from 9.30 pm to 7.30 am, but it changes on a day to day basis, she hasnt got herself into any kind of routine yet. She is breast fed on demand, so I have no idea how much she takes, but she is a bit of a whopper - 14 pounds at 11 weeks - so she obviously gets enough. Sorry, Ive not got any help for you - just didnt want you to think you were alone. I remember going to a baby group and every mother said their baby slept through, and Reece would only sleep when being fed! I went home crying my eyes out thinking I was doing something wrong, but eventually just came to accept that he is a bad sleeper, as am I - I hardly ever sleep through the night either. Good luck xxx
  • Hi hun

    I think you're doing really well too!

    I would say to try to persevere with the dream feeds - they're not 100% successful to start with, but by the time we'd done them for a week or so, Daisy-Mae would sleep through, having had a few oz at 7pm, then another couple at 11pm. She would wake at 5ish to start with, but we tried just putting her dummy in and she went back to sleep. Some people think that they wake then because that's the routine they are in - you may need to break that cycle - so a dummy or a cuddle may do the trick??? Worth a try for a whole night's sleep I think!!!

    C xx
  • Your doing really well, my lo is 24 weeks and doesn't sleep through. She doesn't feed at night but sometimes wakes and can't resettle herself so I have to get up to her.
    Don't rush things, your lo will soon learn to take more at feeds during the day so won't then need to feed at night.
    You'll get there, keep doing what you, your doing a great job
  • Sounds like hes doing all the right things, he is only 12 weeks, He'll gradually take more thou the day and then go longer though the night, Jack used to have his last feed at about 11pm and go thou untill 7am at 12 weeks hes now 16 weeks and now goes from 9pm-8am but had 28oz a day now so give it a few more weeks and im sure he'll be sleeping thou! xx
  • Hes still young hun so dont worry about it. Id say carry on with the dreamfeed as this worked for me. I do think it depends on the babies tho, if you are doing what you can to fill him up before bedtime there isnt much else you can do. Have you tried hungry baby milk incase he isnt satisfied with the normal one? Not sure what else i can suggest really but he will sleep longer in time and hes doing pretty well for his age really - there are lots of people who would love to have their baby sleep as long as yours!
  • Sounds pretty normal to me! Bella is 17 weeks and i'm still feeding 4 hourly day and night lol. She's had the odd night where she's gone 6 hours, and last night she had a feed at 7.30 then slept through til 4am, but she'll do it for 1 night then the next night she's back to 4 hourly again! I've got used to it now, and last night when she did sleep i had an even more sleepless night because i kept waking up to check on her because she wasnt waking up!!! They all do it at different times. I'd carry on with the dreamfeed and see how he goes. I know i've been gradually changing Bella's feed times so that she's 4 hourly from 7am-11pm, in the hope that one day she'll skip the night bottle and do 11-7, but in the meantime it just means that i only have to get up once in the night so i don't feel as though i've had such a broken nights sleep if that makes sense. Here's hoping he lets you get a full night some time soon! xxx
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