Rash on face

Hello, just after some reasurrance. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

This morning and yesterday James has had a small area by his left temple, that looks rashy. There's a few reddy spots on his ear as well. So I'm thinking heat rash, as he goes to sleep on his left side. But doesn't sleep like that all night. It faded over the day yesterday, and disappears under a glass.

He is off his milk a bit, and seems to have an intermittent drippy nose and cough. So he may well have a virus, as well as having to get used to weaning.

He's had a few heat spots before, just not a heat rash. Hence needing a little reasurrance.

Thanks ladies.


  • I'm guessing as it fades over the day it is most likely a little heat rash but I would say if it doesn't disappear completely over the next couple of days I'd get it checked for your peace of mind hon.

    Sure it's nothing to worry about.

  • Grrr! Double post!

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  • I'd say either heat or a teething rash, Dylan gets a terrible rash before teeth cut and the runny nose also sounds familiar

  • dylansmummy, where does the rash come up? It's on the other side as well now. Although the left side has faded slightly!

    I've given him some calpol after his lunch anyway. Temp is ok. xx
  • He gets it down both cheeks and on his forehead and gets very sore under his nose, which is from the increase in snot! (NICE :lolimage

    Its not the same everytime and each day the spots can be in a different place, my mum and MIL say that both me and hubby got a rash on our faces when teething as I was so self concious of it and my mum told me not to worry. (I thought he was allergic to something but cutting stuff out didn't help as he isn't)

    If you are overly worried get him checked out as its always nice to put your mind at rest, but Dylan has had his on and off for a month now :\( he cut his first tooth they started to go, then 2nd one came now the top ones are moving so there back again just after they went!!! Im fed up of teething, he's nearly pulled his ears off!

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