refusing milk.......

My lo is 4 months today and loves his milk and is a good size at 17lbs BUT after having his morning milk and lunchtime milk he completely refused to have any at tea time,I tried changing rooms,turning tv down,but still he would just scream.I offered him some water and he drank the lot happily.I DIDN'T WORRY TOO MUCH CAUSE
sorry dont know what happened.

Anyway I thought he would be starving by the time it got to bedtime and his last bottle but the same thing happened again,so basically he hasn't had any milk since 12.30 today.
Is it a bit early to worry or should I phone doctors??
He hasn't been crying in pain or anything only crying when I gave him the milk.!!

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  • My lo used to do this a lot and in fact still does occasionally (he's 5.5 months). I used to find that walking around feeding him would work, especially with the tv or some other distraction on. It got hard though the heavier he got but it worked!
  • Hi my lo who is 7 months now has been a bugger for this since she was around 15 weeks, now we have all on getting her to have 9 oz a day! and its funny how she can tell the diffrence between water or juice and milk before she tastes it lol, dont turn it into a batttle though cos it can make it worse just go with the flow x
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