The trolls are back........

Her name is sophie-jenkins this time, another Newbie.

See post "Mother and baby parking spaces"

Just thought you would all want to know.


  • (sigh) we go again
    I know it's hard not to...but if you reply to "her" you just add fuel to the fire and it goes on & on from there.
    Just ignore any of the comments!
  • just try to ignore them and hit the report to moderator button. they'll soon get bored if they get no attention.
  • its sad that these people have nothing better to do with their time.
  • Just ignore them. They want a reaction and the more people post with comments back to them will just make it worse.. I know its hard. I'm tempted to say things back as well, but it really is best to leave it. Simply just report to moderator.

  • Just want to apologise for starting this post, because i really wish i hadnt reacted to this now, i was just so angry for everyone and myself.

    Just wish they would leave us alone thats all.

    I shouldnt have added fuel to the fire.

    I will ignore her from now on.

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