do you think it's reflux?

and if so what can i do about it? for a while now Charlie has been bring up his milk on the odd occasion but within the last week it is a lot more frequent (ie: 5/6 times since this evening) and quite large amounts. He also is a bit more grizzly and not taking as much of his bottle. any advice?xx


  • How old is charlie? Is he grumpy after a feed? does he get hiccups a lot? Does he gulp a lot?

    My lo had reflux and threw up most milk feeds daily. We went to doc and explained the symptoms and she got gaviscon prescribed. That helped for a while then she got worse again and we ended up in the hospital with her as she wasn't keeping anything down. She was on various meds (now 10months and completely fine).

    Try keeping your lo upright during and after a feed for a while and see if that helps. Also tilt your lo's matress up in his bed at head side as this made a huge difference to my lo. Also try to change nappies etc before a feed or an hour after a feed. Also look at the website they have great advice and equiptment you can buy to help. I used the cot wedge.

  • charlie is 10weeks on sunday. he does get hiccups lots and yes he does have a habit of gulping his milk. i have a docs appt next week so will ask then. off to look at that website. thanks.x
  • Sounds like it could be to me hun. Speak to the docs and see what they say but if you bottle feed then ask for gaviscon - even a few sachets to try it and see if it makes a difference.

    Let us know how you get on.
  • hiya funkymonkey,
    my dd has reflux ...she is 14 weeks tomorrow and as i wasnt getting anywhere with the dr. or health visitor i changed the milk to sma staydown...its designed for babies with reflux and now feeding is a delight. however you cannot use gaviscon as well as the milk as it contains thickners. the dr. eventually referred her to hospital after for several weeks she never gained weight. hope this helps.
  • hi sweet sounds like it to me . wade had silent reflux i think it is slowly sorting itself out now his 5half months. but he use to get hiccups alot even inside me. he use to arche his back during and after feeds to stretch the stomach muscle as is he would of been in pain. its like baby heartburn bless them.. he always woke with a stuff nose too thats also a sign. and really bad grunting.. this has all stopped with wade now tho.
    only get the odd hiccups. but i still have his mattress up at 1end of bed but make sure u put a rolled up blanket or big towel in a u shape under the bottom sheet otherwise he will roll down to the bottom of the bed in the where he will be moving in his sleep.. hold him after his feeds too. we was put on novalac AR formula excellent stuff not sure u can get it england ask doc tho..
    good luck sweet
    gio xx
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