Usborne Sellers - A few Questions!

I am soo tempted to start selling..

But I have a few questions!

Everyone I come across who sells these does seem to be really possitive about it and enccouranging me to join - but I am wondering is it because it will boost there selling rate? or if it's for another reason? I mean wouldn't you worry that enncouranging others to do it could infrindge on your trade?

Also I know it 'depends on how much work you put in' but what sort of a return can you expect.. I don't mean the 24% I mean in real cash what rough figure does it raise in profit for cash for my pocket? :lol:

I know you maybe able to get a good income but when you work it out - will it make me time poor? (I know depends on how much you work - but I mean if i'm going to do it might as well do it enough to make it worth my while)

I love the books and can see how they would 'sell themselves' but how do you get started? I don't actually go to and groups as such - we do swimming :lol: but bringing a bunch of books to a swimming pool :roll: & I often meet a friend or two for lunch :lol: but they are not the right setting!

How do you get your foot in the door with diffrent things to sell to sell to them?

If you stop and start do you have to re-build because i'd do it now but am pregnant so when baby comes along I wouldn't be doing it for a good while after again?

Sorry if it sounds negitive at all - just being a bit caustion and I know i'll get a more honest answer here than asking someone who is trying to convert me to join there team! :lol: xxx

Thanks Girls! xxx image


  • I'm hmmmming about these books as well with virtually the same questions, so will be interested to hear responses from the sellers on here
  • I'm interested in this too. Any one able to answer these questions?
  • Hi imbl sorry hav no answers to ur ques but jus wanted to no how u were doin wit baby n bump.
    Also wots up wit our london meet up.
    Sorry i aint of any help
  • Bump! Cos I'm thinking of this too.

  • Hi there everyone! Right I will try and answe questions but if I don't make sense or you want to know more just email me at [email protected]

    OK so - yes building a team can add to the comission you earn but I genuinely want people to join my team to get a piece of the action that I think Usborne gives!!!! It has been the best decision for me and means i do NOT Have to go back to work full time - I have been doing it since September last year and have NEVER earnt less than ??200 profit in my pocket even in my FIRST month and usually a LOT More that that! But I intend on building it up to even more than that!

    I am never worried about people I recruit treading on my toes or ruining my business as there are more than enough potential customers out there to get to for everyone and everyone runs their business differently!

    As for time poor it depends how you do things - I do my phone calls during my little boys half hour nap and then any emails on an evening when he is asleep. The events I do are either evening parties when he is in bed and hubbie can look after him or are toddler groups or classes that I can take him along to and he enjoys too. So no it does not make me time poor if that makes sense!

    As for getting a foot in the door - I searched localclasses on netmums and emailed the people running them, I rang local schools and soft play centres and leisure centres and then it grew from there the more places you get intot he more know about you etc etc! Also I found with parties - once one friend held one for me I got bookings for others from that as people see how much they get free when they are at a party, I held a party this week on Tues night and the host got over ??50 of books and only paid ??7 so I got 2 more bookings from that as others wanted a piece of the free book action!

    You will start and build up a client basis as soon as you start selling and even if you then take a break you will still be able to keep in contact with the people and classes etc and then pick it back up again - plus if you have any tema members by then you can get them to keep doing some events at your regular places while you are off to keep the Usborne name out there!

    I hope I covered it all there but PLEASE just email if you are still interested or want any more questions answered! image

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  • Hi ladies,

    I'm an Usborne Rep and I love my job!
    I do it full time now as Ruby's one on Friday so need a proper wage rather than just some pocket money! Lol!

    Like SB says, it seems like alot of work initially as you're building contacts but once you've got them you're laughing! Especially with schools. If you can get a school on side then you'll have them for life. We offer the best discounts for schools and obviously the best service (!) so they would never need to look elsewhere. It's nice to go back to the same people too.

    To make a serious wage the quickest thing is to become a team leader. Then you can earn a ??100 bonus every month on top of everything you earn! Woo! You'll also earn commission on what your recruits sell so i'd advise to start recruiting from the start if you're serious about going for it. Plus it's great to have new people join your team and get as excited about it as you are! It's a real buzz.

    I like to sell at events. I have lots of fab spring fairs and fetes coming up. These are my favourite as you can make money instantly and see a great return. Although I also set up a display at nurseries during the week then take it down and collect any orders on the Friday. Easy Peasy! Just as well as Ruby keeps me busy. Lol!

    If you are considering joining then there is a super offer on the starter kit. It's normally ??38 (which is still amazing) but this week it's just ??5!!!! Bargain!! It will be going up by ??5 every week this month then back to normal next month.

    The only commitment is to place an order of ??100+ within 12 weeks and that's it.

    Feel free to browse my website. There's all sorts of info on there...
  • Amy is 100% right, it really is easy peasy. There is a bit of work involved at the start getting your contacts but once you have them then its just a case of building on what you have got.

    Like she said if you want to make serious money at it then recruiting is the way to go. I'm a team leader with Usborne & done a book fair for world book day today & MADE just over ??85 for 1 1/2 hours work which I dont think is too bad. I only started in june of last year so what has surprised me more than anything is just how rapidly my business has grown & also the fact that it doesnt seem like work either. I paid ??38 for my starter kit & it was the best money I have ever spent & like she said its on offer for ??5 at the minute (going up to ??10 tomorrow) so an absolute bargain!!! If you are interested definately check out either Amys or Craftcharlies website coz it is the best job in the world to me
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