hungry all the time???

my baby is 12 days old and is a good baby, she sleeps between feeds and only crys when hungry.
The problem is she is starving all the time, she needs to feed every 1-1 1/2 hours and can take up to 3ozs every feed. Im formula feeding her and i have tried to hold her out on cooled boiled water but she just crys even harder till she gets her milk. The MW advised me [before signing us off to HV] to just give her the milk as she is clearly a very hungry baby, what should i do? ive a toddler so cant let her cry at night for too long as i dont want to wake my other child and going out during the day is all but impossible as she needs so many feeds, what should i do???? x


  • My LO used to take 2 - 3 ozs every 1 - 2 hours. Somedays all she did was take her milk, and i used to think she can't be hungry surely. but she was.

    I say just go with it for the next few weeks, easier said than doen with a toddler i know. I fed LO once and got literally 5 mins down the road and she started yelling again. Guess what - she was hungry lol.

    It didn't last too long, she'd grown out of it by about 6 weeks. Still had a lot of milk in the day after this, but it did mean she slept really well st night which gave me the incentive to allow her to set the pace in the day.

    As long as she looks healthy to you I'd say keep with it and feed on demand

  • I agree, I think you need to go with the flow at the moment. I'm sorry that's difficult for you with your other lo. I think she's too young for hungry baby formula, and she's just got a small stomach. If you are making 3oz and she's draining the bottle, then put 4oz in but don't try to force her to take more. If you put more in, but she takes what she needs, then she'll lengthen the time between feeds when she's ready by the sounds of it. It's hard at the moment, but it'll get better. Probably not what you want to hear. xx mithical and James 11 weeks 2 days.
  • Thanks guys, im just exhausted but i know it will pass, she is such a hard baby to wind too and ive only got 4-5 burps out of her in 12 days so im sure she is having wee cramps too, i dont want to wish her first few weeks away but cant help longing to string 2-3 hours sleep together. x
  • Have you tried winding her by putting her on her tummy on your legs? It doesn't always make James burp, but it seems to move it upwards, so he does when I sit him up again and rub his back. xx
  • i have tried almost everything, i have run out of ideas on how to wind her, she actually slept well last night, maybe she knew i was exhausted, she only got up at 1-4-7 so not too bad at all!
    I cant believe James is 11 weeks old, im not sure if you remember me as ive changed my user name from ~Diane~ to ~no2bump~ but i was on ttc with you for a long time, cant believe its been 1 year from your BFP, seems like yesterday and now your wee man is almost 3 months! How are you finding motherhood? x
  • I do remember you. A lot of the girls I was ttc with are trying for a 2nd, as I got left behind due to my mmc. Glad you managed to get some extra rest, it does make a difference. James is lovely, we've battled colic, but seem to be winning. Last night he slept from half eight to seven. I hope that's going to be a regular thing! Motherhood is hard, but I'm beginning to see more of the rewards. :\) xx
  • Im glad he is doing well, that is a really fab amount of sleep he is getting at only 11 weeks!!!! it gives me some hope! LOL xxxx
  • Congratulations by the way, just realised I hadn't even said it! xx
  • LOl thank you, and congrats to you on your wee man too! x
  • have you tried the "tiger in the tree" hold? they use it for babys with colic but i found my lo settled better with it when she had wind
  • sounds very much like my lo in the early days. although i was bf, it was just constant. i barely got an hour's rest inbetween feeds and they all blended into one another. i had no idea when one feed ended and the next began. i was the same with leaving the house - i couldnt' walk down the road without him needing another feed. i also had terrible trouble winding him. BUT it did pass. It helped to introduce a bottle of formula per day as that filled him up more than breastmilk, gradually we went onto exclusive ff. i know this isn't much help to you as you're ff now but i promise it will pass, and he started being able to burp himself before 3 months. I used to stress about all the feeding but I have promised myself next time just to go with it..... hugs x
  • Lucyah what way do you do the tiger in the tree hold? ive never hear of it???
    Jezzy thanks for the advice, she is now going 2 full hours between feeds but im not even sure if that is 2 hours because are you supposed to count from the feed started or ended???? i could from the start but if its from the end she is feeding every 1 1/2 hours???? im sure she is going through a growth spurt today because she has guzzeled down 4ozs bottles every feed and is hungry again in no time...... i dont remember it being this hard with my first baby! LOL
  • I always count it from the beginning of the feed. xx :\)
  • thanks, thats the way i do too because if it was from the end we would never be finished one feed tillw e are unto the next! LOL x
  • Sounds like you're talking about contractions! :lol: You seem to have had a slight improvement with 2 hourly feeds, hopefully your lo will start feeling fuller. You'll just have to up the oz as soon as she's draining the bottles. xx
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