food on the go

im trying to think of meals that i can make for my 8m old prior to going out that wont need heating. Ive given her tuna pasta salad and egg salad... any other ideas??

Em x


  • Sandwiches. Favourite fillings include mashed avocado, tuna, houmous (he loves lemon and coriander flavour), cream cheese and spring onion, peanut butter and jelly (jam) (my husband laughs by I'm American and as an occasional treat I don't think it any odder than a jam sandwich!). Basically anything that will make the two pieces of bread stick together so that it can be held. Then cut into triangles or soldiers and pop in a tupperware.

    Hope that helps.
  • with ds1 i always made sure i had a banana with me obviously not a meal but was good if we were out and needed to 'hold off' his dinner for a half hour or so until we got home, like THG sandwiches are prob the easiest xx
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