Good travel cot for daily use?


Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good travel cot that can be used every day. I'm thinking ahead for the next couple of weeks when my LO will be out of her moses basket. She is 7 weeks at the moment but seems to be getting longer quickly! Her cot is too big and bulky for our room and i want to have her in with us still. I would also like a travel cot for when we visit relatives so thought it could double up. I've had a look on the usual sites and it seems that buying an extra mattress is a good idea so i think we will need to do this. I'm unsure which one to go for as there are so many, just need something that is comfy for LO and ideally one that can last a while and is lightweight.

Thank you.


  • we've got the o baby one, the matress is quite comfy so no need to buy another, easy to put up and down and to travel with. Best price i think is on amazon hth x
  • We use a Graco Compact one, so easy to get up and down, and have quite often used it on a daily basis due to noisy buliding work next door! I haven't purchased a mattress and my LO has had no problems sleeping in it, she is now 21 months and just squeezes in still!
  • Aargh BE ate my reply!

    Cannot recommend the Phil&Teds Traveller highly enough. It's not cheap (about ??100) but we needed it for about two months constant use so for us quality was really important. I bought it after reading great reviews.

    It's absolutely fab - the mattress is air so really comfy. It self-inflates but if you want it softer you just blow more air in yourself. I really like how the frame is on the sides only, rather than under where LO sleeps which I found really annoying with one we used in a hotel before getting ours.

    It's really versatile - it has a roof (which zips off if you don't want to use it) so that you can use it outside/camping or as a sun tent on the beach. The roof and sides are mesh to keep insects etc out. One side zips right down so you can get your LO in and out easily - I found the traditional style with the high sides really hard on my back. It's quick and easy to put up and down.

    Best of all it folds up really small and only weighs 2.5kg - we easily fit it in our suitcase for air travel.

    Toby is 6 months old and loves it - it's pretty big so will last him till he's at least 2 I would think. He's been in it for 2 months now and I'm so pleased with it.

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  • Asda baby event starts next tuesday and they have one for ??25.

    Gemm x
  • We have the Disney Hauck one which I love - although I would say the mattress is a typical travel cot one and not very comfy - so we bought an extra travel cot mattress from mothercare and popped that in - lo slept in it for a couple of weeks before we bought a cot for her - didn't help my bad back though!!! x
  • Thank you girls, will start looking into your recommendations x x
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