Walking at 9 months

This is my baby no. 5 and the last ( spread over 20 years!) He has already begun to walk just before he was 9 months....its seems incredibly early, and looks quite strange to see him up against hist older brother 2 1/2. Pointless post really but just wanted to find out if anyone else has had a baby walking this early? He seems to have no fear at all and will happily head off in any direction that interests him. Its such an exhausting stage this as I can't leave him to play for one second before he is up and off!!


  • My little girl was walking at 8
    5 months. It was good but terrifying as you say. My little boy is 7 mths and already pulling himself up on everything and moving along couch so. . . ?Amazing what they can do, eh! x
  • It is early, my little brother was 8 months when he started walking, my lo is 8 months and is now trying to stand up from the ground. They look so cute toddling at that age!! :\)
  • My son was walking at 9 months and although it was lovely I feel a teensy bit jealous of my friends with babies who are sane age and just sit still lol!!! Xxx
  • It does look cute but is terrifying, and yes I am also enveous when others his age just sit so lovely and still, playing, especially when we are at toddler group, I can't sit and chat anymore...lol x
  • My OH was walking at 9 months according to the in laws and at just under 6 months Cam is solid as a rock on his legs already taking steps and standing holding onto the sofa/cot for 5-10 minutes at a time! x
  • My niece was walking at 9 months and also - she had a really FULL vocabulary at 1yr. I mean PROPER conversations! (and no she never shuts up now! LOL)

    Toby was walking at 1yr and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gc My ds crawled at 7 months and was off walking by 9. never thought much of it till someone at my work said "oh it a shame really , you never really had the baby time for long!" there has been no holding him back since and loves to climb everywhere!
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