Girls clothes, where can I get...

Some joggers/tracksuit bottoms for my DD? I really want her to have a pair of joggers so she can have a casual outfit every now and then for dress down Sundays with me and daddy!! I can't seem to find any though?! Do any of you with girls know where they do good joggers?



  • Asda have some. I think it was a two pack. They were velour though and I didn't like them! I'm another fan of Sainsbury's 2 for ??5 leggings for "dress down"
  • I got a 2 pack of joggers from Mothercare, I think they're a bit pricey, but I like them.
    Also my MIL gave us ANOTHER pack of 2 joggers and I think they're from M&S.
  • H&M do lovely ones. Not expensive and a few styles and colours to choose from.
  • Thanks, I don't know why I didn't think of these places myself?! Oh we love leggings too, I have already started buying leggings for spring cos I have a leggings fetish and I can't control myself and just have to buy some more!!
    Right I'm off to search for some joggers, that'll keep me away from the leggings for a bit!
  • I'd say H+M too. They always seem to have some nice joggers in there
  • tescos do a cute little velour tracksuit, i picked my lo one up today xxx
  • I got some in Asda - they were 2 for ??2 in the sale and they're fine, nice quality - think they've still got them in store for full price now, 2 for ??4, in different shades of pink.

    Edited to say the ones I've got aren't velour, they're normal joggers

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