Need some advice!

Hi girls

Got a few things i need your advice on..

Isabella has had really bad colic past few nights, tried the infacol which doesnt seem to be working, she just cries while taking her bottle but is hungry, and wants to feed but she cant? last night was a nightmare, it had got to 6am and i still had got no sleep. After her bottle, she is bringing her wind up, but she seems to have bad tummy pain, anyway the health visitor came out today and reccomended changing her milk from SMA to cow and gate comfort which i went out and bought today, I also use the Dr.Brown's bottles. Does anybody use this milk or experienced the same problem and did anything work for u?

Also, Isabella is 24 days old, and would anybody know when I will be able to take my pill again?

Thanks in advance, id be lost without this forum lol!

Steph xx


  • colief worked when my lo had colic hun.
    its not cheap though image u put drops into the bottle at each feed. xx
  • Have only ever used Cow & Gate with my two..have heard that SMA disagrees with a lot of babies....hope u see an improvement soon hon. Hugs to u both xxx
  • hi i took my pill 2 weeks after having my lo. my midwife told me i could start pill at anytime, i didn't have to wait for af x
  • Awww I know how hard it isand I really hope the change of milk works for you! HV thought Connor had colic but we took him docs in the end and turns out it was silent reflux, infant gaviscon soon sorted him out, maybe worth seeing your doctor if the milk change doesnt work?
    Good luck with it and if it gets too much feel free to email, we had it every nightfor 5 weeks so I know what your going through hun xxx
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