Chicken Pox

Hi, i took my baby to see the HV today and she confirmed what i thought that he has got Chicken Pox, luckily its just a mild case as he isnt too bad just covered in spots all over his back and now spreading.

Just wondering have any of your babies had it and if so how long did it take to clear up??
Thanks xx


  • Poor little fella hope he's better soon x
  • Hi, my sons have both just had it, they are older (2yrs and 4yrs) but my older son had it very mildly and he was all scabbed over within a week and a week after that they had all fallen off and he looked normal again!! My 2yr old's spots took longer to scab over as he had lots more and they were all really big spots, it has now been just over 2 weeks and he is still covered in scabs but is now comfortable and not contagious anymore!
  • Hey Zo, yeah i changed my mind! Glad you seen my msg x

    The HV told me to keep Rhys away from peeps for about a week. Are they longer contagious when the spots scab up then?x
  • My lo had it last year when he was 7 1/2 months old, he did have quite a bad case of it and was poorly for about 7/8 days, my daughter who was 3 at the time was scabbed over within 3 days. They are not contagious when all the spots are scabbed over. x
  • hey,

    chicken pox can last up to 2 weeks I think from getting the spots, they are contageous until the spots scab over.

    a doctor convince me that my might have chicken pox but luckily not...hope your lo gets better soon!
  • Thanks ladies, i shall wait until they scab over then until we go to baby groups again! x
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