My baby has a flat head (Avatar is pic Of Alfies Head)

Really cute - looks such a happy chap


  • Such a cutie- he deserves to win!
  • you can see both ears and his crown is right on the side of hishead is that normal?
  • try as i might, i really cant see from pic clearly enough sorry. but as i said on your other bit the forum 'children with special needs' has this flat head topic and theres a couple of mums there who may be of more use
  • hello,i cant really see ither but it looks like your LO is still very young and i think most babies get this,my ds is 13 months and its still not rounded off yet,its going but its taking its time,there sculls are quite soft and cos they lay on there backs all the time,thats why they go flat,unless your HV is worried then dont worry or if you are really worried go to the docs

  • Hi. Matthew has a flat head on one side to but my hv wasnt worried and said it would fix itself. now he's getting older and moving around more, its starting to slowly round off. My LO is 19 weeks now. If it gets worse your hv might refer your LO for physio. this happened with my friends baby and now he is so much better!

    Hope this helps xx
  • Hi, my eldest son has a flat head although instead of it being on the back of his head it is more on the side. this is because when he was laid down as a young baby he always looked to the same side. He was refered to the doctor who said to put objects that he likes at the other side and to hold him and talk to him from the other side. I was also given exercises to do with him to strengthen his neck muscles when he was about 5 months old. The muscles in his neck have improved he is 2 and a half and can move his head fine in both directions but the flat area is still there. We were told that he could be given a helmet a bit like a scrum cap to wear, but to be honest we do not think it looks too bad most people do not notice, although baseball caps and sun hats do sit on his head a bit funny. But due to him not being in any pain and it not being really noticable we were happy to leave it as it is .
  • You could try making a hollow pillow out of a rolled up scarf - round it like a snake when it's curled. If he uses that his head is sure to balance out... but i'm not sure of the safety rules with that. You could try a thin cellular blanket for safety.
  • You can buy pillows for this, my friends little boy suffers with a flat head. I know she got it of the interenet but not sure what it is called or the name of the site. I'll have to enquire. x
  • Yes this is normal. There was something on the news a while back and it is because they are lying on their backs all the time and is normal and it rectifies itself. Kara had a bit of a flat head nearer the side and it has sorted itself out although it is sometimes better than others depending how long she lies on it. Their heads are still very soft. My friends twins had this as well and they are fine now as well. They say to encourage tummy time during the day instead of lying them on their backs all the time.

    Hope this helps.

  • Daisy has this really bad particuarlly last few weeks shes 15 weeks now. I take her to the chiropractor most weeks she showed me some stroking movements to do on hert head which unfortunately i havnt been doing feel bad now and when i took her to her colleaugue last week she said her haid is very flat and that she needs it sorting out. I suppose i should have asked if it was that important really as i thought all babies got it from sleeping on their backs. I will ask next week when we go. I just thought it woulfd rectify itself.
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