Big meeting

Hiya ladies

Been keeping up with the updates on the big meet and so wish i could come and meet you all and still trying to find a way to do so.

Just wondering how your gonna let each other know the venue without certain eyes seeing it?

Just think its a bit risky putting meeting places on here at the moment

Hope you all have fun however it goes

Lisa xxx


  • i totally agree, the sad thing is we don't truly know that every username on here is genuine anymore
  • pathetic isn't it?

    i just sat thinking about it this morning and anyone can read these posts even if their not registered users so think we need to be careful what we put on here, even more so now.

    Just looking out for you all thats all

    Lisa xxx
  • She has ruined it for everyone, it used to be such a happy forum, and now we can't even discuss our babies without some wierdo being down right f****g evil about them. Hope she crawls back under her bridge and stays there. I have her address, and she knows this too, so if she posts anything else, I might just remind her of this. I would hate to accidently write it out for all BE mummies to see.......

  • lol Gemzy. Shows even our mum's still like their bit of fun.

    Garfield that could be the venue for us. lol. Everyone wants to meet up, why not all go to this address you know? lol could be fun. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Please don't tempt me Lisa :lol: I think thats why she has gone quiet, maybe her tiny little mind forgot that I knew. I might bump up my old post on it, just as a little reminder. She's a physco!

  • here comes my old username now.......Bringiton!

    I think everyone would be up for that meeting whether it be 10 miles or 100 miles. lol

    Lisa xxx

    p.s Bringiton was my name before my daughter because its all i ever wanted toward the end of the pregnancy to just bring on the labour. lol
  • ooh i didn't know you were the same person!! :\?
    i get really confused when people change their usernames!! :lol:

    [Modified by: Mum0f2 on February 07, 2009 03:56 PM]

  • I see.....I felt like that. I went 13 days over with DD1 and 11 days over DS image

    Lets bringiton together if she starts again!

  • If i'd not made my promise to the others that we'd just ignore her i'd be very much up for some fun when she was back online.

    Still think that address would make a good venue though. I know for sure i wouldn't a tribe of angry mummies coming to my door. I would have to lock myself in the toilet. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • lol it would be the best day out ever.

    Set up a bbq, play music full blast, use her letterbox as a nappy dispenser. lol. Oh the fun we could have. lol

    Bringiton!!!! lol
  • hi chick. that had crossed my mind i must say. i was thinking of making a fb group or getting email giving you all my email address to respond to for me to give out a specific location and time for the event.

    i had thought however if i can arrange tickets or what have you, i'm sure some of us or the blokes could stand at the door and make sure no trolls get in!!!
  • That sounds like a good plan. I'm sure the men wouldn't mind guarding the door and stopping weird people getting into their children.

    It goes through me just thinking about it.

    Lisa xxx
  • i dont think she will even dares turn up anyway... with all she has offended and all the trouble she has caused theres about to be fireworks if she showed up! lol xxi cant wait for the big meet!!
  • i ave a feeling shes back if you look on other big meet post theres a newbie saying they cant wait to meet ccb mummy and about 8posts saying shell be there
  • She is back Sando honey, she was posting about cot death and still born last night :evil: she's forgetting that I have her address, so anymore nonsense and I shall be bumping it up and I'd hate to accidently type her address in :evil:

  • i was not on last night, grrr what posts was shewriting on? silly cow
  • I don't know honey, I daren't look cos I'm really struggling with not replying. She posted something and we all made other posts to knock hers down!

  • ok, did anyone reply? or are we unitedly ignoring the cow bag?
  • We are ignoring and people are putting posts to get hers away. xxx
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