so depressed

i cant fit into my size 12 jeans or black trousers. :cry: :evil: :cry:

im wearing my size 12 maternity trousers.

was going to go shopping and try some trousers on but think it will depress me even more.

how can i get my tummy and hips down? any suggestions?


  • how old is your LO?
    i threw out all my old clothes when I was pregnant then after ellie was born my maternity clothes were way too big & i pretty much lived in joggers & pjs until i had got back to normal.
    if your LO is only a manner of weeks old then your body can still take quite a while to get back into shape.
    the best diet i find is healthy eating & exercise- walk with the pram! i know it's not a quick fix but it works & i have lost a lot of weight through doing it
    good luck hon & don't feel downhearted! xox
  • Give it time. I wish I was a size 12 in any trousers lol!!
    Just eat a balanced diet or join a sliiming club. Going out with your lo in their pushchair doing a brisk walk is good too. Especially when the weather's better and easier to get out.
  • thanks. jessica is only 9 weeks. will do more of the walking!!! just found some exercises on her with sally gunnell. might try them as well.
  • I was a size 8-10 before I fell pregnant and I'm now a size 12.

    I am trying to get back into shape but I can not find the energy or time half the time. Now the weather is getting nice I'm trying to get out and walk with Olivia everyday and I also have a dog so walking her a lot now I'm feeling up to it which my oh likes as he had been doing it on his own since I was about 35 weeks.

    I also need to start eating better foods and I skip a lot of meals then east junk.
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