allergies & breastfeeding? advice plz

Hey all, im going on holiday with my mum and lo in a couple of weeks and i get quite bad prickly heat, i also get really streaming eyes with the sun(due to hayfever), normal i get some antihystemin (not spelled right?) and eye drops and this normally helps however cos im breastfeeding he wont give me anything except some eye drops. i think im guna struggle with this as when i get prickly heat it flares up quite bad. has anyone else had this or similar and got any advice to help that will be safe?
Caz x x


  • I used to suffer from prickly heat until I read that it can be activated by the suncream which have colours and scents added to them. I started using Piz Buin sun allergy sun screen and have never had a problem since. Also prickly heat can be activated by the sun reacting with salt from the sea on your skin or chlorine from the pool. So when you go for a swim have a shower after and then apply more cream before sunbathing. I have recommended this to other people and it has worked for them as well.
    Hope this is helpful.
  • Thanks very much for that, i will be definately trying that out
    Caz x x
  • sorry to gate crash but i drank green tea for my hayfever and prickly heat while breastfeeding my daughter last year
  • hey beckyboop, thanks for that, did you think it helped? how often did you drink it? can you get tablets in them?
    Caz x x
  • not sure if you can get tablets i was drinking 2-3 cups a day didnt get any prickly heat over here or turkey (get it really bad abroad) and only if the pollen was high got slightly stuffy nose and itchy eyes just started drinking it again ready for the summer as were ttc our 2nd so cant take any other tablets for it hope this helps you
  • thank you for that beckyboop i will have to get some to try out
    Caz x x
  • the one with lemon is nicer than just the plain green tea forgot to tell you not sure if you can get any others
  • cheers for that. do you mean its lemon green tea? or just lemon tea or green tea?
    Caz x x
  • sorry green tea with a hint of lemon
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