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Dylan is 7 months on Friday, he is fully weaned (blw) and LOVES his food. However I struggle to get milk into him, he's never been keen although when he was little he drank it due to hunger we have often struggled to get it in him.

We upped his oz in his bottles as he dropped his afternoon bottle at around 6 months so he started having 2 9oz bottles one at around 6am and one at 6pm. He drunk these gladly for around 2 weeks then he started only taking half his evening bottle, now hes only taking half his morning one as well meaning his daily milk intake is around 10-11oz :\(

He has dairy in his diet but I know this isn't enough milk. He wont take anymore though what do I do, i've tried milk again in the afternoon I even introduced it in a beaker but he's not having any of it!!!!




  • Well I tried giving him what he left this morning with his breakfast in his beaker and he threw it across the room :lol: strong willed little man aaaarrrgghh!!!!!!
  • I am in a similar situation except that Oskar isnt weaned due to reflux and waiting for hosp app. I bf Oskar so when I am at home he feeds from me - but only has about 5oz at every feed so at 6am, 6pm and 10pm then usually around 2am if he will take it but when I am at work he refuses to have milk in any situation - warm cold bottle or cup. dr said not to worry cos he is obviously getting enough cos hes not dehydrated. Oskar does the same with food - screams at the sight of puree and a spoon so have been doing blw and he throws food across the room to dogs after 1 mouthful. Wont try anything warm at all
    He is now nearly 6 1/2 months old.
    They obviously know what they want!!!
  • Hey Hun
    hmm difficult one as if he doesn't want it - as he's clearly proving - then you can't really force it. Perhaps it's just a phase, DD went through a similar thing around that time too but soon picked up again.
    The recomended amount is 18 - 20ozs per day but this can also include dairy products. So even if it was about 2oz's in his cereal, then by the time he's maybe had some cheese which is about an oz for a small chunk then a yogurt too he's roughly there.
    I wouldn't worry too much hun, he sounds like he's getting what he needs xx
  • Brody had dropped his intake too but I have gradually got it back up with perseverence. The 3pm-ish bottle had gone so I reintroduced that. He has a morning feed (bf) then a snack bottle (each 5oz) around 11am and 3pm, then his final bottle in the evening (8.5oz). When he struggled to take all his bottle I would include something for lunch or dinner that I could mix with his milk to get it in him (e.g. mash potato, custard). The other thing I found helped to get him to take his bottles during the day was to make sure I gave them to him immediately after waking (as opposed to waiting for 11am or 3pm to come around) as I figure I wake up thirsty and would drink more straight away rather than a bit later after waking. That seems to be working with him and Ive even been able to increase his 3pm bottle up to the 5oz (whereas a few weeks ago he would take none of it!).
  • i would add it in food as sim suggests - mashed potatoe is a good one - yoghurts count as daily intake along with cheese so just try and up dairy content in normal food.

    How is Dylan feeling now? x
  • Well mummy won yesterday, I took his beaker with me when I went for a coffee with a friend and he polished the lot off as mummy had her hot chocolate. He then demolished his evening bottle for me, im wondering if the problem in evenings partly has been because daddy is giving him his bottle and as he hasn't seen daddy he doesnt want food or bed he wants to play. This morning he drank the full 9oz and had yogurt with his fruit for breakfast. I think he knows i've been talking about him :lol:

    I will perservere he has plenty of dairy in his diet as he eats what we eat and our diet is pretty balanced. Sim he is very thirsty at the minute partly due to the heat but he would much prefer water or juice to milk, I assume its more hydrating.

    Summer he's much much better thanks, back to being my happy little man. He's got to finish these antibiotics which is now proving a challenge as the little monkey wont let me go near him with a spoon. Not sure he gets the full dose if he does it himself and he only uses his hands anyway :lol: he's asserting his independence I think, which is lovely but he gets frustrated that he cant do things and I worry he needs the drugs so any tips on how I can get amoxacillin into him when he clamps his mouth tightly shut, turns his head or pushes the spoon away is much appreciated!

    Thank you for all your advice and reassurance ladies, I will perservere

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