Finger foods!? (Also in April)

When can LO's start having finger food? (I was thinking cooked carrot sticks) Abby is putting everything in her mouth and think she'd like feeding herself, but I don't want her to choke, Obviously. She is 17 weeks, but has really good hand-eye coordination/head control etc (of course I think it's really good - as I am her mummy!)

I was also thinking that if let her munch on a dry rusk it might help with her teething, as she is suffering a bit at the moment - poor lamb. Are rusks OK? or are they full of sugar!?

I find it so hard to get advice on this stuff, since everywhere says not to wean before 6 months!

Thanks ladies!



  • I'd say if you wanted to give her something try something that would basically turn to mush, like a rusk, but get the low sugar ones, or maybe a rice cake? what about a piece of toast, really soft, for her to gum with her emerging teeth?
    I'm sorry I cant be more help! I remember giving Ollie toast and rusks, and pieces of steamed carrot but he was bout 7 months before i was brave enough to try that! :lol:

  • Hiya, I'm actually doing what I can only describe as a modified version of baby-led weaning with Peter at the moment. He is only 5.5 months but I have been giving him soft fruit and veg as finger food for the past couple of weeks - essentially what I would give as pur????es if I was weaning him on those. Most of it gets thrown on the floor, crushed to a pulp and/or spread all over himself and me, but he does love sucking on carrots, bananas, etc. and seems to enjoy playing as well. He occasionally sucks off a small chunk and either gags or swallows. I watch him carefully and fish out anything that looks too big but the most he has ever done is bring something back up with some force. As he does this with his milk quite a lot anyway, I am not to worried.

    I have been avoiding wheat-based food stuffs (including rusks) as I believe that his digestion won't be ready for them until at least 6 months but rice is, I think, more digestible (hence why baby rice is a first food) so a rice cake (which, as Stephe says, can be gummed to mush) would probably be okay. That being said, 17 weeks may be a bit young to learn swallowing with lumps but, as with all these things, you know your own child best and are therefore the best judge. Peter definitely wasn't ready for food until 22 weeks and then very definitely was! :lol:
  • I got told by at the weaning party theres just as much sugar in a choc digestive as there is a rusk!
  • I did wonder about toast - I think she'd like that. I think I will wait a bit longer, I just thought "why not?" but it would be too scary if she choked!

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