Do you wake your lo?

From naps, I mean?

I do but Oscar hates it and it can take up to 45 mins to get him reasonably happy again, which is really hard work. Should I just leave him to wake on his own? He just seems permanently tired nowadays so perhaps now he's walking he needs more sleep as he's constantly on the go when awake...

Argh! Help!


  • how long do you let him nap before waking him? how old is he?
  • i've done it a couple of times when i've had to go somewhere, but no I don't like to and generally leave Shea but usually he has 2hour naps exactly!!
  • I do but only because I know if he naps too much in the day he wont settle at night and it throws us all out and he ends up grumpy and tired. J is easy to wake too so it doesnt distress him
  • He's 9 months and has been asleep about an hour.

    He normally naps 40 mins around 10.30 and then I let him have up to 2 hours at about 2ish, sometimes an hour and a half - I wake him up from that. He normally sleeps downstairs for the morning nap but because it was late today I put him in his cot.

    He used to go 12 hours over night but is sporadic now. Cutting down daytime sleep didn't help that though.
  • I would leave him for as long as he needs. The more sleep they have in the day the better they sleep at night! image

    Try not waking him for a couple of days and see how he goes!
  • Well here goes... Lol

    Will let him wake up on his own and let you know how he gets on!

    Queen Bee - I wouldn't know what to do with myself if Oscar napped like that! Or slept like that overnight
  • Lol - he woke up as I wrote that
  • I dont wake my lo up unless I need to move her to go out.
    I leave her until she wakes up. Some of the baby books say they should have a certain amount of sleep and then wake them. If someone wakes me up when Im happily sleeping, I feel more tired and would be grumpy same as los.

    My lo can have between 1.5hrs and 3.5hrs sleep in the afternoons.
  • When he was little I never woke him. Never wake a sleeping baby was a mantra from both grannies.

    I'm pretty lucky if lo sleeps for an hour and half i the afternoon and maybe an hour in the morning.

    I try not to let him have more than 2.5hrs during the day, it tends to impact his nighttime sleep. He has always been an early waker and we work hard to extend it to 7am most mornings. So I'm reluctant to let daytime sleep impact that.

    However if his afternoon nap is quite late I do wake him so that he will be tired enough to sleep at bedtime. So never normally let him sleep past 4.30 but ideally never past 3.30.

    If he's a bit grumpy a drink of juice and a snack normally perk him up. S x
  • I dont as a rule,
    But sometimes of I need to go out I will.
    She'll tend to back to sleep anyway in the pushchair or carseat x
  • Suz, I tried that with Oscar and he was all smiles but as soon as he'd finised it he was grumpy again.

    Think today is going to go up the spout anyway as he's now napping again in the car after we went out. He needs it so I won't wake him, but he normally has dinner at 4.30-5!

    Who knows how this'll play out now...
  • Gabe is also a BIG napper esp recently & would have two 2 hour naps if you let him.

    I don't wake him, but I *do* keep him awake. I put him to bed at 11am (usually ends up being earlier) after he wakes at 6-7am, and he sleeps to around 1pm. It's a struggle then to keep him up till 6.30pm, but I have to restrict naps slightly as otherwise he doesn't sleep well at night!

  • I don't normally wake up Barney unless he is late going down for his afternoon nap. I know from past experience that if he isn't awake by 4pm we have a hellish time at bedtime, so if he is still asleep then I wake him up.
  • I don't wake lo from his morning nap, but if he's been napping for 1.5hrs on an afternoon (very rare) then I will wake him.
    If he's had crappy naps all day or he's been at nursery, and needs a 'top up' before bed I will only let him nap for 15mins before waking him up.

    If he has more than 2.5hrs a day, it really impacts on his (and mine) nights sleep, so it's for his benefit really that I limit his daytime sleeping.
    If he has more than 2.5hrs he's wide awake at 2/3am for a couple of hours and then he wants to spend the next day napping to catch up, so it's a viscious circle otherwise

  • I never need to wake Cally from a nap as she is such a light sleeper. She usually has 20-30 mins in am and same in pm. Occasionally if she lies down with daddy she may have an hour in pm. Rarely she has gone a bit longer. As soon as the car engine goes off she will wake, and often if the pushchair stops moving, even if she has only had 5 mins and then will not go back to sleep in case she misses anything. If I had to wake her to go out I would. And when she still sometimes had a nap after tea I would wake her then as that would affect bedtime. She usually has a about 11 hours at night - 12 if I am lucky!
    Alison xx
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