hi, well some of u know lolah has had alot of trouble feeding- she saw the consultant in jan and he said he wanted to see her again in april (always sick, diahorrea, not putting enough weight on) he said in april he will decide whether to test for an intolerance. well started weaning her 2wks ago, and when i gave her baby porridge she had diahorrea or the rest of the day, so havnt given it to her since. saw hv today to get her weighed and thought i would mention to hv that porridge didnt agree with lolah, she said the only thing that would make her like that is the gluten, but there shouldnt b gluten in baby porridge ne way. wen i got home i checked the packet and in the smallest writing possible it states "contains gluten", hv said to keep her of all things with gluten in- atleast until we have seen the consultant again. does ne1 have a lo who is allergic to gluten? does it seem to be something they grow out of?? thanx in advance, michelle xxx


  • hey,

    sorry to hear thst your having trouble with your lo feeding. I'm not sure if a baby can grow out of a gluten allergy. I just wanted to let you know that there are baby breakfasts that do not contain gluten, I think cow and gate do them and maybe hipp.

  • hi, thanx loopy loo, i felt really bad, i just assumed that it wouldnt have gluten in seeing as it was a first stage baby porridge, so wish i read the label b4 giving it to her. i will have a look at the cow and gate range. xxxx
  • I bought some too that said from 4months that had gluten in, it's silly as lots of 4months + jars have things in too that we're told not to give till 6 months.

    So, it's easily done, try not to feel bad, the important thing is that you know what upset her tum and can avoid it now!
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