Does anyone know this person???

I have just had a friend request from someone claiming to be someone who posts on here called Maisie White. Just wanted to know if anyone knew this person as she has just joined facebook and im the first person she has added . I'm just wondering who it is cos she has the same initials as my partners ex who we have had trouble with


  • thanks zoey, if you get a response can ya let me know lol
  • I have got a request for a man with an Asian name (can't remember his name) He has a photo up but I don't know him. He has asked for my yahoo and hotmail address. What a cheek. I refused him incase his profile came attached with a virus.

    Kerry. Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • she says she is trixibelle off her so have added her
  • She's only been a member on here since 15th november.
  • yeah i have added her and have asked to see a pic and she has said she is trying to put one up
  • can we search for members on here? cos put ther name into the search bar and nothing came up???
  • I have done it by using google, type their username and baby expert and it will usually come up with a post, Then you can look at their other posts. I don't know if there is a way through be website, there should be.
  • Hi, it was me! I'm really sorry to have confused you all, i've only just joined facebook so requested loads of people from here and people i know "on the outside"!! just wanted to bump my numbers up! I've just seen the other thread about fake poeple on facebook so i'm really sorry if i have freaked you all out too!
    I promise I am a genuine, real person but of course i understand if many of you don't accept my requests after all, we don't actually know each other do we?
    Sorry again
  • maybe put an FAO for trixibelle asking for confirmation that its her? Any1 cld pop on here, and pretend to be one of us via facebook xxx

    OOps........ no worries, just seen post xxxxxxxx

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