Dropping naps....?

Hi girls,

James seems to go some days with two half hour naps, then other days it's his usual three. Obviously some days he's more grumpy than others, some days he's fine. But occasionally I'm missing his bath out, as he's really grumpy, and really just needs his bed.

As he's got out of the newborn stage, he's always just napped for half hour periods.

I thought babies dropped naps at a later age than this! He's nearly 7.5 months. Especially as it seems he still needs it!

Anyone finding the same, or is James just being an awkward so and so?? :lol:


  • we have 2 one hour naps, i didnt think they dropped naps until nearer a year old?
  • Hi PP,

    That's what I thought. He'll have a morning nap, but sometimes it'll be 10.30, other times after 11.00. Then I try to get him to nap after lunch, before bottle. This is sometimes easier said than done, despite showing the signs.

    I would then prefer him to nap before his tea at 5.00, but he doesn't show the signs every day.

    One is putting his muslin to his face or in his mouth. When he doesn't do that, there's usually no chance of getting him to nod off. So by 6.30 it's jumperoo time to try to keep him awake and happy! :roll: xx
  • this is exactly what toby did - 3 x half hours then dropped the 4.30pm nap.

    now he does 10am - 10.40 then (and you wont believe this) since crawling he goes to sleep at 1.30pm and wakes at 3pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My house is lovely and tidy and clean again! x
  • Lo dropped her late afternoon nap a few weeks ago. She used to sleep around 9am for 40mins, around midday for 40 mins, and then around 3pm for the same amount of time. I've found that she is able to stay awake for around 3 hours before she needs to sleep again.

    She now naps 9:30am & around 1-2pm. She sometimes takes an hour or more at either one of these, but can take 30-40mins for both! Obviously, she's of better temperament if she's had at least one longer nap. :lol: Because it's still so unpredictable, I'm still finding it difficult to get anything done as I'll start and she'll wake up!xx
  • Toby is dropping his third nap too. He usually has two one hour naps and then a third catnap of 30-40 mins in the late afternoon (4:30-5:30ish). That last one is the one he is starting to drop. Like you I sometimes have to skip the bath as he is ready for bed by 6:15-6:30 if he hasn't had that extra nap!

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