OT- Scared me sh*tless!

Woke up last night about 3 am to what I thought was my ginger and white cat doing his normal dribbling on my face routine looked up and there was this big black shape. I jumped a bloomin mile but turned out it was a big black cat from down the road found its way into our house! I soon chucked it out!

My soppy cat probably invited him in! :roll:


  • Sorry,

    I couldnt help but laugh.

    what a cheeky little cat!
    Your cats proberly been bragging about what a good life he leads &&& the black cat just wanted to know what all the fuss was x
  • ha ha most likely although we are putting my cat on a diet because he eats soo much but then i am now worrying that if other cats are roaming my house then maybe hes not getting all the food and miows at me cos he is actually hungry?!
  • OMG that would have scared that cr*p out of me too. Although i can too see the funny side!

    We have a cat that unlocks my rabbit hutch and opens it and its the rabbits food!! luckily not the rabbit, in fact i think they are kinda mates now lol, cheeky cats!!

    just to add the cat isn't ours!

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  • Cats are so cheeky!

    Why dont you feed your cat in doors?
    That way you'll know that his eating all hsi food!

    Just shut doors &&& windows so alley cats cnt get in x
  • we do but he has a cat flap. we give him a pouch morning and night and dry food always. our street is full of cats, they rule the place. if you are driving down and a cat is sunbathing in the road you have to wait til they want to move cos no amount of honking will make them lol! its like cat city! its quite sweet though. i love cats and prob would have cuddled up to it and gone back to sleep if it hadnt scared me so much!
  • LOL We've not found an imposter in our house yet but we do keep hearing the cat flap rattle when our cat is asleep in the lounge!! I love the way cats think they own the place, they are just the same here, lying in the road and then acting as if you are being unreasonable trying to drive past :lol:
  • OMG that is funny! What a cheeky cat trying to sneak in for a cuddle xx
  • the funniest bit was when i came back up and rick asked where i had been i told him and he said oh i wondered why he was awake...meaning charlie, our cat cos you can literally set your clock by his sleep patterns but he actually meant why was he himself awake...

    erm think you prob had to be there...:roll:
  • Hehe!! Bless! That must have been freaky! Me & OH are thinking of getting a cat when we move...We'd love a dog but we worry about dogs and children, and also we like going abroad & no one we know would have a dog for us.

  • hmm *insert old name here* (that one is way to long, i preferred the appreviation on the otherone!

    That did worry me bout this cat in that i didnt know if it would go in Jakes room, Charlie wouldnt dare!
  • Bless you, that would have frightened me too.

    If I'm on a diet I wish someone would come into my house and steal the food, I might atcualy lose some weight for once.S x
  • sorry but that was funny!!
    We have a ginger tom (called Tom) near us and he thinks he has right of passage in our house, just walks in the patio doors and starts eating the cat food, i've even found him on my bed curled up once!

    But the funniest ever was years ago I lived in a terrace house and by big boy Benson went missing, he's been missing for 4 days when hubby opened bedroom curtains and saw Benson up the bedroom window opposite miaow-ing at us!! The teacher who lived opposite had gone on holiday for two weeks and he's accidently locked benson in his house!
    I had RSPCA and Police round but as I could feed him thru letterbox they wouldn't break in. I fed him for next 6days with ice cubes, bits of steak and sausage and cat biscuits thru man's letter box!! I looked a complete t*t talking to this cat every evening thru a letter box

    Man came back off holiday and Benson shot out of the house like a rat up a drainpipe. Poor man couldn't believe what had happend. I apologised for mess (thinking what other mess is in the house) and i'd pay for any carpet cleaning, but he never came back to me........in fact he never spoke to us again!!!

    Sorry for hijacking that post mousenose xxx

  • s'all right chick, any cat stories greatly appreciated!
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