im bored!!!

don't really know why im posting this (probably coz im bored,lol!) but i am soooooo bored, live in a little village where there is nothing to do, cant really call it a village though as its just a few houses that run alongside a main road! my oh uses the car for work so can't go anywhere and im going stir crazy!!! i do a bit of housework and play with charlie (which i love!!!!) but it would be nice to have a break from the house or have something interesting to do when i manage to get a bit of me time whilst at home.

what do you girls do if/when you get a bit of 'me time'? xximage


  • OMG I could have written this myself!!!
    I HATE being stuck at home but I have a car so I can at least go and visit my sister most days. I've even spent an afternoon in work this week because I get soooo bored. I've spent this week sorting things for my Mum to flog in her charity shop (she gives me the cash less a bit of commission) and today I walked the boys around the local lake but there are so many days when its too cold. Roll on summer!!!!
  • Oh no thats crap, it does get boring staying in. I usually go and browse up town in the shopping centre 1 day a week with Gabe and we stop for a coffee (well - for me - bottle of milk for Gabe) and chat! Even if I dont buy anything it's nice to look. Then on thursdays I go to a baby group and afterwards sometimes get Gabe weighed and on friday me and my friend (oh aunty) take Gabe and his cousin to soft play. On the other 2 days I'm kinda stumped, I usually end up on BE while Gabe's playing or we go for a walk. If I'm staying in and want something to do I try to cook up something new and interesting for Gabe's lunch (which is usually spat out but hey), I always used to bake cakes when I was bored but I just burn them now as always tending to lo. Is it possible you could get the bus while OH is at work if you wanted to go out somewhere? xx
  • I never have any me time anymore!
    I'm always busy with Ruby though which is great fun!! Infact Mondays are our only day off, we go swimming, baby sign lanuage, play group and also once a week me and my friends all meet up at someones house with our babies!

    Have you got access to public transport? You could join so groups too! xx
  • I live in quite a big a village which is part of a sort of cluster of villages, and there's quite a lot going on locally for mums. I have groups or classes which we could go to every day of the week - the past fortnight since hubby has finished his pat leave we've done 2 a week, which I'm upping to 4 next week. These last between 1-2 hours in the morning. In the afternoons I've been strapping Lily to me and going for a walk.

    Is there any way you could get the bus to a baby group of some sort? Not that I've been feeling particularly down, but every time I've been out and about I've felt lifted, and like I'm back in the real world (albeit one inhabited entirely by mums & babies). I really, really would recommend it.
  • Yes there are groups locally, unfortunately they are at the local surestart centre - where i work, i do plan on going to some but as i am a family support worker at the centre im not completely comfortable attending these groups as many of the families that attend are ones that I support and I like to keep my personal life seperate from this. Don't mean to sound horrible at all and i know i havn't explained it very well its just I like to keep my home life seperate from the families i work with, also for personal safety reasons as a few families that have been very needy have become a bit too 'over friendly' with some of our staff which makes things difficult.

    I will definately have to get a bus timetable and go into town though. Wow - havn't been on the bus in years, im lost without the car, lol!! Are buses fairly good for pushchairs?
  • I keep meaning to go to playgroup on Wednesdays. It is the day I don't work, but baby group for weighing is on Thursdays and on Tuesdays they have a baby group thing at the community centre. I haven't been on the bus with Lily yet (have a car) but my mum is planning on doing the bus one day soon with Lily! I understand what you mean about keeping work seperate!
  • Thanks jellyfishpink, i didn't want to come across horrible at all but there are times when Im in town with hubby and Charlie and will bump into one of my families and then next time i do one of my support visits they start asking questions about my partner/baby etc... and it can make me quite uncomfortable as im there to support and be friendly but not to let them get confused and see me as a freind rather than a professional. it is hard tho as some of the families are lovely and i could see myself being friends with them.x
  • I know that tiny village feeling!! Luckily my oh can't drive yet so we don't fight other the car but I'd be screwed if/when he does need it as the bus here goes once a day at stupid am and a taxi is ??15+ each way!!!

    Currently I spend a lot of time at home trying to entertain Oscar, which I love but he takes aaaages to get into new things so it gets very repetative!! He's also horribly grouchy at the moment, so even more averse to new things.

    We live near a busy road with only about 100 metres of pavement so I don't like going for walks locally. There's a nice lake to walk round but it's a 20min drive away. I try and pop to the shop at least once a day just to get out. Sometimes I'll do the 30 min drive to Brecon, but there's very little there as well. I do go to a baby group on Wednesdays but there's a very competative mummy there, who's baby's the same age as Oscar, and she scares me!! I hope to start taking him swimming soon, but I'm terrified of getting into a bathing suit!! :lol:

    If I'm at my mums I often take the park and ride bus into town with the pushchair and have no problems with it! Defintely get on that bus and get out into the world!
  • Wow Truelyoutrageous you are in my neck of the woods!! I'm also about 30 miles from Brecon, wondering if the lake you mention is the same 1 I walked around earlier?? (Next to a play area and Island in the middle).
  • Camlo, does it have a statue of a sea monstery thing in it too?? If so, that's the same lake!! Did you see it the other week frozen over? Hubby and I amused ourselves watching ducks fall over!

    Cool!! Was starting to feel like no one would have even heard of where I live, never mind live there too! Looks like Oscar's about the same age as Archie too - he was born 25/10
  • That sea-monster is supposed to be a dragon!!!!
    Archie was born 29.10.08 so yes same age. I'm only 5 miles from the lake and go in everyday as my eldest works in somerfield and he wrote his car off last year. There is a new tots group starting on Weds which is really friendly but I'm also thinking of swimming. Send me an email if you fancy a chat off site (I can't put too much on here due to my job).
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