NCT Nearly New Sales

Hi was just wondering if anyone had been a seller at these sales? and if it was easy to do?

Was going to just give lo's stuff away to a charity shop but thought that the items would be put to better use if sold at a NCT Sale. I went to one of the sales just before i had my daughter and got loads of good quality bargains :\)


  • at the sales iv been to, everything goes on one rail acording to size and the labels are pink cards with a tear off bit, i presumed they supplied those. is it different depending on which branch? x
  • Thanks for the advice, There's one in my area in May so think i'll definately look into selling at it.

    It looks like they're different depending on the branch then. The one i went to was in a church hall and didn't have individual sellers, everything was just labelled up and it also had a seller number on so i presume that's how they know who's sold what.

    The table top type you describe does seem better tho as like you say people can haggle.

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