Will someone PLEASE tell me that there is a 3-month growth..

...spurt (ran out of letters in subject!)?!

Benjamin has gone from up once a night to up 4-times a night for the last two nights. Yawn. This morning he fed for an hour 4.30-5.30am then was just wide awake & full of smiles....Surely if he's growing he should be sleepy?!

If it is a growth spurt, how long is it likely to last?!



  • we had one about 12 weeks but it was only a few nights, our worst one was the one about 4 months as that lasted a good few weeks! i have found LO is awake a lot more during a spurt but unluckily thats at night, hope it passes soon
  • Yes, there is! I find that when DS is growth spurting we will have a few feedy days then a day full of sleep, then a few more feedy days, then back to what passes for normal in this house. It won't last forever. He's unlikely to still be breastfeeding at 18, at any rate.... *runs and hides*....
  • I hope to god there is!!!! Cause I can't take rhea growing at her currant rate for much longer!! Although she is feeding more during the day but still sleeping all night. Took her to baby clinic this morning & got her to measure her length & she's grown another 3cm in 12 days!! So I hope this is a spurt rather than an incredible growing baby!

    Jayne xx
  • Flipping heck Jayne, Rhea is going to be a leggy lovely! What is her total length? Getting Benjamin measured on Thur! My awkward boy it typically only really feeding more at night....doh!!

    Thanks Piggypops & MrsS, totally know what you mean about 'normal' lol.

  • They have a growth spurt every month!!!
  • She's 65cm Ruth! A jump of 12cm in less than 6 weeks!!
  • Wowser! That's amazing, are you slipping miracle grow in her milk?!!! No wonder she's sleeping!
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