me again...

sorry if i annoy anyone, its just that im selling some baby girls clothing and shoes on ebay if anyone is interested, most of it has never been worn. please take a look :\)

Hannah xxx


  • love the boots image xx
  • Oh I have bought them lol!! Says Germany but I am going back to the uk next week so will get the delivered to mums - I am looking at your other stuff before I pay hun, might get something else. Thanks!
  • oo thank you, will have them posted first thing tomorrow morning for you.

    Ive added more items and will carry on to do so during the week, im having a huge clearout making room for baby number two in april xxx
  • Hi, i am in the middle of sorting through her clothes at the moment but i will be listing some 9-12 month outfits through the week, maybe tonight if i get a chance.
    She is in 12-18 at the moment so by xmas time they will probably be getting small and will be listed then.

  • aww thank you, will get them posted out asap! xx
  • ill try and remember to post on here once ive put a few more things on xxx
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