fao: Joanne&brood

hello Joanne,

Just wanted to check in and see how you are, maybe I'm just not seeing them, but I don't think I've seen a post from you in at least a week, and just wanted to make sure you know that you are missed and thought about.

Hope you and your family are well



  • i was wondering where joanne is too! i cant recall seeing her here in aaagges!

  • i talk to her on facebook the other day she doing ok just got lot going on i see her again i will let her now you were asking
  • just talk to her she said she going to try and come on later i told her that you were asking about her
  • sorry it not going well with Jessica! is she better now? how does she feel now? was she fitting when she got burnt? poor little soul!

    sending lotsa hugs til she mended (or at least under control) :roll:
  • sending big hugs down the road to you all
  • just looked at the pics hun poor little thing
  • Hey Joanne, it's good to hear you are okay if only a little bruised and battered by the sound of it. I hope Jessica heals up quickly and sorry to hear you and Andy aren't seeing eye to eye. Not trying to be nosey by posting to find you, just had been thinking of you and hoped you are okay. Don't worry about coming on to moan, we are all happy to listen. A question does Jessica take melatonin for her epilepsy? Kaydence is on epilim twice a day, but as her seizures were worse at night they tested her melatonin levels and she was really low so they put her on melatonin and it has made a big difference. Maybe a long shot though I appreciate there are dozens of different kinds of epilepsy.

  • There are two main options where we are, rectal diazapam and buctal madazilam. One goes in the anus and other in the mouth. Both are seditives and most of the kids at school have about a 20min sleep after getting it. Don't know if they will offer anything else.
  • I must admit that I've not had a recovery medication for Kaydence but the melatonin does help her sleep. The melatonin has been effective in breaking the cycle of seizures.
  • Of course, the first test she had for melatonin levels was a saliva test and then when that came back low they sent her for blood work to test the dosage levels. Hope it might be of some use, it's awful seeing them go through this. You are such a strong mummy.

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