He fell...feel like a crap mum

Well tonight I put ds on the sofa bed and turned around to get his books and he fell right off onto hard laminate floor...right on his right temple! It was at such an awkward angle too I was petrified. I screamed and oh ran up the stairs to find me cuddling him whilst he bawled his eyes out. Then I started too and the two of us went at it for a good five mins before I calmed him down and he wentto sleep after his bottle.

I'm just so scared. I didn't want to put him down but he was so tired beforehand but I'm petrified he has concussion or worse...I keep thinking what if he has internal bleeding and I go to get him in the morning and he won't wake up or if he's damaged his head and it'll effect him now.

It's all just whirring around my head and I don't know what to do...I feel so utterly guilty especially since it was a hard floor...I'm not saying carpets ok but you get my drift.

I'm a complete mess. Oh says hes fine and just tender but I can't help but worry...I'd lose the plot if anything I did harmed him image


  • oh honey i think a lot of us have been in this position, we had a little accident when LO fell off the sofa whist my back was turned, sometimes things like this just happen, if you are really worried might be worth a call to nhs direct or a pop to the hospital,

    your not a crap mum at all x
  • Must be something in the water today! sat my LO on the floor and normally he sits up quite strong but today he fell back and banged his head on the rug, he started to cry but was ok after a few mins! I like you felt awful, but they're more resiliant than we think! I'm sure they'll both be fine and will probably knock themselves much more when they start moving around more.
  • It will happen to every one eventually and wgen they get older it'll be falling off their bikes etc etc accidents happen it doesn't make u crap xx
  • These things honestly do happen, it certainly does not make you a bad mum at all.
    Have you checked on him since bedtime? How soon did he do it before bedtime? Was he sick? Eyes rolling?

    We had one if those baby canvas seats that you attach to a chair, well it was a couple of months ago, DD was strapped in, I turned round, whack she'd fell backwards onto the floor (still strapped into the seat!!!!) It was a hard floor (concrete with cushion floor on top). She screamed, I screamed, it was just awful. We *did* take her to get checked out at A&E just to be on the safe side. She was perfectly fine but my goodness the guilt I felt was awful so I know exactly how you feel :cry:

    If you're worried, and just to put your mind at rest, give NHS Direct a ring.
    Hope he's ok, sure he will be - babies are more resilient than we think xx
  • Thanks girls...I'm a bit more composed now just went fr a shower and calmed down...

    Piggypops what are the signs of concussion?

    It's just so unexpected girls isn't it? You turn your back for one second and it happens!

    Moonbeam he's not going to be allowed a bike till he's 21 by the looks of things haha! X
  • Oh Kelly that mustve been quite horrible to go through! Especially from such a height! I'm glad she's ok now though...poor you and poor baby!

    He's sleeping soundly and he was just really tired but he was tired before he fell even so I was still apprehensive to let him sleep. His eyes weren't rolling or anything either. Don't think I'll be sleeping tonight! Or soundly anyway x
  • i dont really know for a bubbs but i have pulled this off the net

    loss of consciousness
    drainage, clear or bloody, from his nose, mouth, or ears

    does he stir when you give him a little nudge?

    [Modified by: piggypops on July 25, 2010 10:00 PM]

  • Your are certainly not a bad mum! We have all been there and i can safely say that my son now 14 months has more bangs to the head than hot dinners!

    My son fell of the sofa on to a hard woodern floor when he was about 6 moths old. I cried he cried and it was right before bed. I was terrified i rang nhs direct who asked me lots of questions. They just advised me to put him to bed as normal and check him every 2 hours and tickle his cheek/neck untill he stirs, and u just do more and more untill u get a response and if no response then take him to a &e. They said if he cried after then its a good sign.

    I had a very sleep less night that night but he was fine except for a nice shiner on his head!

  • My LO bumped his head the other night, although he didn't fall so not as badly as it sounds like your LO did. I rang NHS direct and piggypops' list is all the things they mentioned.

    They also told me to wake him every couple of hours that night, just enough to rouse him but not enough to wake him - I guess to make sure he was still conscious. As I was worried sick, I did this and am pleased to say he was fine.

    Try not to worry, take care and HTH xx
  • Thanks lawso. I'm going to set an alarm for every two hours then the now.

    He does stir when I go in and he's moved position since I lay him down thank god

    thanks for the list piggypops

    mrs Rhodes I'm not looking forward to the shiner haha x
  • OMG I could have written that post myself1

    I put ds (5.5 months) down in the middle of our bed tonight just after his bath, turned my back for 30sec to sort some washing out and then next thing i hear is a thump and wail! He'd managed to roll over several time and roll right off the bed. I was so scared!

    He cried for a few mins, we couldn't feel any lumps on his head as I thought he might have banged his head on the edge of the door as he landed.

    I rang my mum straight away as she's a nurse, and she said that as he didn't go unconscious and there was no broken skin (or bones!) and he cried straight away he should be ok. She said to keep an eye on him, wake him up a couple of times during the night just to make sure he can wake up.
    But if there is any change in him over the next 48 hours - ie sick, lethargic etc then get him checked at a&e or docs.

    Thankfully he took his bedtime feed fine and was bouncing on my lap and smiling at daddy before he went to sleep.

    Think I have only just calmed down, but will def be having a sleepless night worrying about him :cry:

    Hope your lo is ok Princess87
  • If it makes you feel better my Dad was messing around with me when i was 9 months old and dropped me over his shoulder by mistake (he's 5 foot 9) and i fell head first onto the stone fireplace!
    And i turned out just fine, or so i think anyway!
    I think babies are so much more resilient than we think but I know how you must feel, it makes your heatr stop when they bump their heads!#
    Hope he's ok, i'm sure he's sleeping soundly with not a care in the world while you worry away!

  • try not to worry, when this happened...


    ...the doctor told us that LO's brains are surrounded by fluid to protect it when these things happen, he said it's like the body "knows" stuff like this is going to happen when they are young...if he's sick at all then get him checked over but try not to worry if he seems fine :\) x
  • Your not a crap mum hun, these things happen.

    How was he overnight?

  • Omg starbright! That sounds really sore! Good job you're ok eh? Lol

    copperbeech I hope your lo was ok through the night too. Grant never whined or grumbled or anything last night and he woke up at 6 bright as. Button! No shiner yet but I'm sure it'll come lol thanks for asking dylandsmummy.

    Mrsjbourne that looks so cute yet so sore! Poor wee guy..what happened? X
  • Ow MrsJBourne, your poor little man he looks so sore!

    Princess don't worry, my dd fell off the bed last week onto hard laminate flooring when I was downstairs, hubby had her and she fell on her wee face, he came running down to me with her and she had this huge bruise running down her face and was swollen and her eyes were all wet from crying and then as soon as she seen me she settled and started smiling but I was so worried all day thinking the same thing as you, I just kept a close eye and she was fine xx
  • Oh Mrs JBourne your poor wee man but still so cute lol

    Princess ds1 fell off his bike cracked his head skinned his face legs and arms (helmet actual all cracked and broke he fell with such force) I went to halfords that day and bought helmet elbow and knee pads he looked like the mitchellin man on his bike lol he was so padded up!!!! he only wears his helmet now!!!! until the next time .........................
  • It happens to all of us at some point!

    Ollie and MJ have both fallen off the beds numerous times (and now happily launch themselves off the couch image )

    Ollie has even fallen down the bottom half of the stairs straight onto the slate floor once when he was messing around and I had my hands full (with MJ) but he is ok.

    It is terrifying when it happens, but it wont be the last time they have a bump.

    Hope LO is better today image

  • Lol moonbeam I'd be exactly the same...maybe even put the stabilisers back on haha...even if he were ten!

    Rosapenny do you think you handled it better because it was yourbih who had her at the time? That might sound strange but I think if my oh had been with him at the time instead of me I'd have been calmer?

    Lol icecreamlover I used to launch myself off the couch haha was SUCH good fun image
  • I think this is just a natural part of them growing up, although it does scare the hell out of of you at the time!!!

    Jack fell head first off the sofa onto laminate floor when he was 8 months ols, oh was with him and I was upstairs and just heard the thud and scream!!!

    He has fallen several times since while crawling etc.. as he trys to go faster than his legs will go lol.his favourate thing now is crawling wheeling one or two cars at the same time!!..he discovered standing and climbing the stairs yesterday...so we now really do need eyes in the back of our heads...stair gates at the ready..only problem is we are doing up house and only have a banister at the moment eek!!!! told oh to get his finger out lol
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