cot bumpers

We have a cotbumper rosebud one from mothercare but my 7 month old woke herself up at lunch time she had turned around and rolled over to the side and when i got in her head was touching the bars so not sure if she had hit it and hurt herself but it looks that way.
Just wondering does anyone know where i can get the all the way round the cot bumbers?
Thank you x


  • you might want to have a look on a us based website as I have never seen them in the UK but I had a winnie the pooh one that came from canada

    hope that helps
  • Lollipop Lane do them I think....

    Just checked...they have several on

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  • Also vertbaudet do them on their website! x
  • Thanks mithical and everyone else for pointing me in the right direction!!

  • We just got the airwrap one - it's really good. Got mine from JoJo Maman Bebe xx
  • Nat is the airwrap one padded i looked at this on line but it didnt look as if it was in the slightest and i thought it would still hurt if she rolled with some force into the wood?

  • That's my concern Mrs P. Lo ends up at the top of the crib, head in the corner! Not sure where he'd end up in a cot! xx
  • I know mithical Alyssa throws herself around alot and to me the airwrap one doesnt look like it is padded enough to cushion the blow?!?!

  • we have put lizzies bumper at the top of her cot as she was getting to the top and bumping her head and she doesnt put legs through anymore so is more useful at the top.
    btw-what are the guidelines on in what age are they meant to be for ect??
  • i have no idea on the guidelines wannababy i just know as a mummy that i would rather Alyssa rolled into a padded bumper than a wooden cot the way she thrashes herself around, i have tied them super tight double knots then trimmed the excess.
    We have our bumper at the top too as Alyssa sleeps in bags but she turns around 180 and wriggles down!!

  • Research into cot bumpers has produced neutral results. On the positive side, they don't have bad effects, so are considered safe to use in the cot. However, if they've got strings to attach them to the cot, they could be pulled by older babies. Some experts recommend avoiding using bumpers with babies who can sit unaided.


    I think some of the issue is air circulation, some is suffocation, and some is using the bumper to try to climb out! xx
  • ah i see. well lizzie is nowhere near climbing out! she can sit unaided but uses her cot to sleep-laid down only in and once shes awake shes out of it. like you mrs P- the reason we have ours is to stop her banging her head onto solid wood! x
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