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Ds is 7 weeks and i know im probably asking too much but he is feeding A LOT.

Yesterday he had his "last" bottle at 7pm and went to bed as he usually does.. then he woke at 10pm,12am,3am,5am,7am for bottles... he is only having about 3-4oz of his bottle though rather than the full 5-6oz which he has during the day! He does go to sleep after every feed so i cant moan really but god im tired as its not like i can lay in bed in the morning as my dd is up at 6am ready for action!

A few people suggested bigger teats? Or hungry baby milk? Im really reluctant to mess about with his milk... but for those of you who have has it actually made any difference??

I need a decent nights sleep to function for my babys! I had no patience with dd this morning and put her to bed for her nap early as i felt like i was going to explode image

I can handle a couple of night feeds.. ya know i expect that at his age but 3-4 feeds seems a lot to me!! xx


  • I'd go with the bigger teats first rather than messing with the milk - hungry baby milk is made from a different protein which makes them feel fuller, but with less milk, whereas he might actually need the milk and be falling asleep because its taking so long to get the milk out..

    and - if getting the larger teats doesnt work, you'll have them ready for the hungry baby milk anyway!

  • I would agree, try the bigger teats. Especially if your lo has taken bigger feeds before. Other thing you could try now is maybe if its not too long since the last feed, settle with a dummy. You dont have to use it all the time but for a few nights might help. Its so hard when you have other kids, im in the same boat.

    Gemm x
  • Could it be that your LO is relying on the bottle to get back to sleep? I would try going up a teat size but it could be he needs to learn to re-settle.

    I can totally sympathise, lack of sleep def sends you demented. Its such a grim feeling. Is there anyone you could ask just to look after the two of them for a few hours so you could catch up on some sleep?-and dont be tempted to run about the house tidying/washing/cleaning!!! Or get OH to do a night feed??

    I think at 8wks LO's have a growth spurt, so that could effect his sleep/feeding patterns.

    Hope things improve soon

  • Hi MrsNN -
    You've got the TT bottles? We are now using the vari-flow teats as this means Samuel can take as much as he sucks, and generally finishes his bottles in half an hour, compared to the hour when we used the slow flow teats.
    Also as I said on FB, we give him a hungry baby bottle for his last feed at night, but I know you are reluctant to mess with his milk.

    Hope you find a solution soon hun xx
  • Hi,

    We changed to Hungry Baby Milk at 6 weeks old as dd took 9oz in one night feed and I knew that wasn't right. The hungry baby milk worked for her and she has been really settled on it since. Also, she was quite sicky on normal milk, but again the hungry baby stopped that too. Maybe try everything the others have mentioned and if still no go then try different milk? We also put dd on the medium flow teats at 2 months old.

    Evidently, a close friend of mine had trouble with her lo not sleeping or settling in both the day and night so her hv told her to try Comfort Milk (by aptamil I think?) and that worked for them!

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi hon I feel the same today Gabe is not sleeping these last few nights, Last night was totally bizarre, he was up at 2am and didn't go back to sleep till 6.30 this morning, he kept asking to go downstairs and watch Finding Nemo and eat cereal like he thought it was morning!!! He went to bed at 7.20 last night which is earlier than his usual 9 (grrr!) but he had not slept all day and was knackered so I thought he'd sleep!

    What milk is he on anyway hon? Gabe was on cow and gate hungry baby, it didnt make much of a difference to his feeding patterns, but it didn't upset his stomach either so I think it is worth a try also the different teats...7 weeks is still tiny really, I know it's crap but its early days xxx
  • Thanks girls!

    Im afraid he isnt great with a dummy.. tends to not suck on it at all if he isnt hungry and thats how i actually know when he is hungry as its the only time he will suck on it but he soon spits it out when he realises he isnt getting any milk! With my dd i use to be able to pop her dummy in and drag out the feeds till eventually she learnt to sleep through but i doubt i can do that this time.

    Anyway i brought some new teats today and he took his full 5oz 3 times in under 10 minutes! Fingers crossed tonight he takes his full amounts and maybe its just a growth spurt?

    Mybutler we dont really have anyone image dd goes nursery one afternoon a week which was today and thankfully ds slept all afternoon so i did too image Hubby always gets up with both kiddies at the weekend so i can re charge my battery's so i feel bad asking him to do night feeds too lol.

    young_mum_gone_mad bless you!! I can just about cope with a baby been up but NOT a toddler :lol: I wonder whats up with him he use to be such a good sleeper didn't he? xx
    Thanks again xx
  • I think that is the problem to be honest. He self-settled from birth without any help from us, we have always been used to a full night's sleep. So when he went in his bed (a few days after his 2nd birthday - he climbed out of the cot) he thought "Hmm, I can get out of here!" and because i've never had to work at getting him into a sleep routine he just does what the hell he wants. I've tried the rapid return technique but honestly find it too hard-going. If you put him to bed and leave the room he gets up straight away. When I tried rapid return I put him to bed at 7pm and he must have got up 100's of times between then and he eventually was so tired I gave in at 9.30pm and just stood behind the door and he went to sleep, but he usually will not do this, you have to sit by his bed until he goes to sleep, this doesn't take long though. He is getting better, he usually gets up only once at 3am and does go back to sleep. And he is sleeping through more often now - he did last night - so i think we're getting there.
  • YMGM I sympathise, please tell me it gets better! My two year old has also started refusing to go to bed, he's in a bed and can open doors and for the last week and a half has been coming out of his room when we take him up to nap and coming into our room several times a night - and screaming if we send or take him back to bed.
    I have a baby a day younger than MrsNoName's too, and could cope if she was the one causing the sleepless nights, but she's really good - her brother keeping us up all the time just isn't right!!
  • It's getting better - slowly!! Have hope! The problem is at this age you just feel they are so stubborn! I had a 10 minute shouting match with Gabe earlier bc he wanted Woody socks on and I was trying to put george pig socks on him! (The woody socks were wet as Lo had just helped us wash the cars).
    We just keep reminding Gabe that he has to stay in bed, and he proudly says he is going to sleep in 'Gabe's bed' or 'Sleep in my boy's bed ALL NIGHT'.
    He usually doesnt but at least he knows it's what he should be doing!
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