Proud mummy....she crawled today!

Every since she was 3mths, shes been determind to learn to crawl. We aimed for Christmas day, but she took her first crawling moves today at 7.5mths. So im a very proud mummy :\)
So Im now crawling on the floor picking rubbish up before I put her down. I definately wont be able to get any house work done now!

Chirstmasday will be interesting!

Just thought i'd share as Im a happy mummy now her frustration has finally paid off!


  • aww, its so ectiting when they do things for the first time. i cant keep up with jayden anymore hes so fast! and into everything!! lol hope ur prezzies arnt under ur tree lol jayden just started a toy off playing music and wont leave the tree alone now!! lol xxx
  • ooooh i really cant wait til millie can crawl!!! hope she doesnt chase the dog lol xx
  • ah, thats fab! yeah you'll def have to have a hoover after all the pressies have been opened...they're all full of wire ties and things these toys arent they! have fun chasing after her!! hehe!!
    cameron lies on his tummy with his head on the floor desperatly trying to get his bum up! he gets really knackered! bless him xx
  • Awwww!!! How sweet!!

    My LO has been 'cruising' for 3 weeks or so now, but as of yesterday its now more of a proper walk. Am so proud!! Its a lovely moment when they reach a milestone. I know exactly what toy mean when you say about having to pick things up though!! Kelsie can now reach in the computer draws so she decided to rearrange them for me!!

  • thats fab!grace is just over 7 mths and rools everywhere but not crawling yet,i have it all to come!! xx
  • Awww thats great news! Early as well esp considering she was prem right?
    Gabe is the same age as you know. He's rolled only twice and has no interest in crawling but loves to shuffle about on his back! xxx
  • How exciting! You're never going to be able to take your eys of her for 1 second now are you! lol
  • Ilovemygeek....lily doesnt sound to far off.Jemima was moving backward.....then rocking backwards and forwards...then shuffling her knees forward...then moving one hand and knee and head diving into the carpet...then she took her first crawling move!

    tigerlily...yes she was born at 36wks,but shes never been behind despite this.Hubby says her aim is to walk at 10mths like he did....noooo!

    She will make Christmas that bit more entertaining lol! She seems to like investigating places she knows she shouldnt go! Currently have her in the study so she cant pull the christmas tree over!xxx
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