Tommee Tippee steam steriliser...

Anybody else use this?
I'm a real germ freak, and although it says the contents stay sterile for 24 hours if have to open the lid to get out a are the other 5 then not sterile?
Like I said I'm a germ freak and put the steriliser on again after I take out a I really need to do this? Seems silly to have space for 6 bottles if you can only take out a bottle after one sterilisation...
What does everyone else do?
Someone tell me I'm not crazy - hah!

Ally & Archie (21 days) xx


  • i normally sterilise all the bottles i need for 24hours (used to be 5 but is now only 3 as my LO is weaned) when its done i take them all out and make up all the bottles and add cooled boiled water, once the bottles are sealed they remain sterile i just store them at room temperature but you could keep them in the fridge and make them up with powder as and when you need them!

    hope that helps x
  • hi, once the lid has been opened, I guess technically the contents inside would not be sterile any longer, but as the above post shows alot of peolpe find the official guidelines on how to make up individual formula feeds (if that is what you do) impossible with a screaming hungry baby. I've been looking into this and I fill my 6 with cool boiled water and put in fridge then make feed and warm up as needed.

    hth x
  • I was wondering this too! I'm using ready made formula just until I get myself sorted so can't put water in the bottles so do I need to sterilise a bottle everytime I feed? Xxx
  • If you are using ready made formula then you can still seal the bottles, just put the empty but sterile bottles in fridge and then add the formula when you need it, x
  • Just put the teats and lids on the empty bottles and you should be fine for 24 hours I think...then fill when you're ready
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