Do you think they are worth the money, if you have one and think its useful which one do you have?



  • we are using a travel cot from argos it was ??26.99 and is perfect, he actually loves sleeping in it (thats another story!!) but he has just learnt how to sit up by himself and it is a safe place to put him to have a play with his toys whilst i get on with a few jobs,

    keeley and rafferty (almost 6 months!)
  • we have a lindam one, but got off ebay as wasn't sure how much we would use it. cost ??30 ish
    use it lots if romilly is just chilling / sleeping in her chair & i need to do jobs & i am happy as i know our dog can't lick her!
  • Grace is 8 1/2 months and we had this one delivered on Monday:-

    She is perfectly happy in there and there is enough space for her to crawl, plus she likes practising standing using the bars image

    I feel happier that she is safer in there whilst I pop to the loo, make lunch or iron.

    Em x
  • We have one, we got it at the baby show and I don't know what make it is but it's basically a square mat with inflatable tubes attached to the sides to give it walls. You can add as many as you want to make the walls as high as you want, we also have four tubes going from the corners up into a pyramid and they have little tags on them to hang toys off. We got it mainly to get her 'safe' from dd1, she knows that she can't wear shoes in there and only baby toys are allowed in there and none of hers, so no chocking hazards are in reach of lo. She has so many toys in there now though when I put her in it looks like she's lying in a big toy box!

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