hey ladies.

just wondering whether anyone can help...

we are looking to get Mia christened in my hometown at the same time as my nephew. My sil has been to she the vicar who is more than happy to do it so long as my local parish church down here sign a form and agree to it.

So my question is...if we dont attend church how likely is it that they will agree? I do really want to have Mia christened. I grew up going to sunday school and singing in the curch choir and have lots of happy memories from it. Its just so hard to find the time to go now...and also Mia is a little to young to benefit from sunday school.

Any thoughts much appreciated.


  • We're having our lo christened at the church in the next village to us as that is where I grew up. The vicar didn't say anything about contacting our parish church as family live in the area.
    I don't attend church (apart from the usual weddings, christenings etc) and they were fine with that. Both myself and oh were christened so really want our lo too. The vicar hasn't set down any requests about the number of times we go to church before the date but we said we'd go to the family service.
    So I really can't see why they won't agree
    Hope all goes to plan
  • I also think they will agree....I know in my church (catholic) they just like to see the LO's getting christened.
    Cos of the family tradition over here we got my LO christened at 7 weeks old & I am glad I did it.
  • Bit of a strange request but can be down to the local vicar as every parish often has different guidelines they like to follow (e.g. some like you to attend services for 3 months before they will marry you etc) so it could be the vicar either getting a bit confused, or he just prefers to do things that way. I'm sure they will be fine about it, especially if you have more contact with the other church than your local one.
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