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bruised knees from crawling

Oh changed Charlotte's nappy today and brought her down and said look at her knees. She has a horrible blue/purple bruise just beneath each knee. They must have only just appeared as they weren't there at her previous nappy change :\?

They look awful but they don't seem to bother her. She used to commando crawl but recently started on her knees and now is really fast at crawling and is everywhere! Her knees had been dry from crawling and I have been putting E45 on them. I know you can buy knees pads for lo's as well but my oh doesn't want me to get any as he says it's a waste of money and it might hinder her crawling etc.

Did your lo get bruises? How did you treat them? Was thinking of maybe getting some arnica cream but not sure if suitable for 1 year old. Any advice/tips greatly appreciated.


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  • Oh dear! Sorry no advice but just wanted to say that it's great she's crawing to quickly now!

    I'm guessing that her knees will get tougher and the bruises will go away?

    I agree with your oh about knee pads and it would be a pain to take them on/off all the time!
  • All mine suffered with bruises hun.......gets worse when they start learning to walk!!!!
  • They seem a bit faded this morning but I'll see what they look like later.
    I've got to take her for 1 year check on Thursday so I'll ask hv what to do for the best.
    I want her to start walking soon to save her poor knees!
  • Freya got bruises when she first started crawling. She soon learnt to be more careful. After that we then had the problem of carpet burn on her feet when we first moved house. It had new carpets and she won't keep her socks on in doors unles wearing shoes. They soon get used to it and there skin soon hardens to it (not in a horrible way). Freya is still crawling at 15 months and no harm was done.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • thanks for that, feeling a bit better now about it xx
    spoke to my sis too who has 2 lo's and she said it's normal and the start of many bruises!!!
  • lol takes me back to brookes knees when she started crawling. she would be covered in bruises all down her shins and knees where she would crawl over things. i wouldnt worry to much. i didnt treat brookes just let them run their course xx
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