feeding my 7 month old.

my daughter is now 7 months old and she is still only having 2 meals a day,on the odd day she will have 3 meals with snacks inbetween. how can i encourage her to eat more? i do try but some of the time she refuses it, it varies from day to day, is this ok? how much should she be eating at this age? thanks x


  • Hi Hannah & Tegan! My LO is 7 months on the 12th. Yesterday, after a chat with my HV I have started to give Josh rice cakes - it means he can feed himself, and seems really chuffed with himself too! I was a little worried, but the rice cakes go soft, so he can manage to swallow th bits that he gets off.
    Organix do some nice apple flavour ones.
    Maybe you could try Tegan, then she is really involved in feedng herself? It might work - it might not! It's probably worth the 80p to find out..... But then, I might have got the wrong end of the stick, and Tegan is already feeding herself - sorry if I made the wrong assumption!
    Tina x
  • hey hannah, im sure if tegan needed more food she would let u know. some babies have a huge appetite (sam!! which btw, can be a pain in the arse!) and some dont. every baby is different and if tegan is happy and content with what shes having then she is fine. there is no set rules on how much a baby should eat :\) sam is a greedy wee boy! he has 3 meals a day, 3 x 9oz bottles (hungry baby milk as well!) yoghurts, rice cakes, toast. i honestly just spend my days feeding him!! but as a said before, dont worry xxxx
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