Anyone had goose???

Has anyone had Goose for xmas dinner? Oh has suggested we have goose for a change this year but neither of us has a cluse what it is like!
We have family coming over so if it is an 'accquired' taste we'll probably just stick to good old turkey.

Anyone had it before?


  • I've never had it, but OH said it's very very nice!!

  • my inlaws are havin goose, oh says its nice.
    oh describes it as rich, more like duck than turkey.Are you having many people for lunch....if its a big gathering probably best to give it amiss this yr as you dont get loadsa of meat off the bird.
  • its quite fatty tasteing but oh loves it im gonna have a lobyster (know its a lobster but my son calls em lobbysters) as i always wanted to try em n my dad is going to get em for me yayay
  • There's only three coming over so not many. Think we'll try it as it might be nice for a change!

    Ooo Lolly, lobster sounds lovely!!! I lurrve seafood and lobster sounds yummy but is always so expensive.
    Hope you enjoy xxx
  • I'm pescetarian (I only eat fish) so have never tried goose but my oh loves it! The meat eaters of my family are having it for Christmas dinner but my mum is having to get 2 as apparently there isn't a lot of meat on them but if there are only 5 of you it's not so bad!
    I love lobster too but this year I'm having potatoes, veg and gravy as I love it!!
  • Bless you Donna, is that all your having??

    I guess it leaves more room for the yummy xmas pud though :lol:

  • I love it!! my mum has offered to make me a nut roast but to be honest I can't think of anything worse!! I can have loads of mash, roasties, parsnips etc etc with lashings of yummy gravy!! it's fab!!
    I hate Xmas pud so she normally gets me something else equally as tasty!!
  • Goose is lovely. It is very rich and fatty so you really only need a small bit each so don't get one thats too big! Check the cooking times too as I think I'm right in saying you need to cook it a bit longer than turkey to help get more of the fat out. (Otherwise it can taste greasy!). It is quite like duck - dark meat but very tasty. It's actually a much more traditional Christmas dinner than turkey, which only become popular in the last century because it is so much easier to mass produce than goose! (And therefore is much cheaper!)
  • Its gorgeous yummy!

    I had it last year at mil's and loved it, but pricey though xx
  • We've had goose for the last five or six years, and we all love it. One of the things that's quite fiddly about it is you get a lot of fat coming off it and you need to drain it off during the cooking. The plus point of that is that if you put it in jars, you've got yummy goose fat for your roast potatoes for the rest of the year. x
  • iv not had it i just cant bring my self to eat it
    but oh says its good as he had it two chrirmases ago at this sisters, my mum makes it every year but thakfully she also makes turkney, beef and salmon so eveyone gets something they like
  • Thanks for that.
    I still can't make up my mind though. The fatty thing is putting me off a bit but still might try it anyway although have just seen an ad that somerfield have half price turkeys!!
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