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Question re moving onto cows milk

How did you do it? I was thinking of giving formula to drink & cows milk on cereal just so she gets used to the taste then slowly bring in cows milk for a drink. Do you always warm up the cows milk, and do you do it in the microwave?


  • We just did it shortly after Poppy turned one. For with cereal and bottles, we do warm it though as she doesn't like it cold and yes, I use a microwave but just make sure I shake it/stir it thoroughly first.
  • I gave Ellie cows milk on her cereal from 6 months and by 10 months sips out of a glass and then at 1 she stopped her bottles and drinks cows milk fine now. x i never warmed it unless on cereal and she took it fine. x
  • Amelia went straight onto cows milk at one and loved it.
  • we used it on cereal from 6 months then when she dropped her afternoon BF we started to offer cows milk in a beaker so when we stop BF she is ok with it, temp i suppose depends on your LO our eldest will only drink it cold and youngest it has to be warmed in the microwave x

  • I used cows milk in cereal and moved on from there, I did always warm it up too xx

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