Can i feed him this?

Just wondering if i can give my 6mnth old bran flakes or cornflakes mushed up or are these 2 salty/sugary.... Are grapes ok pureed? Asda are late delivering and ive only larder bits really .. Rice, tom puree.. Pasta.. Soups, are these ok? Bad i know but i have no shops nearby and havnt bin v well organised this weekend as ive bin poorly...


  • Grapes should be fine. Not sure about Corn/Bran flakes though. Rice is fine and Pasta with veg and tom puree should be fine too. You have to be careful with soups, some are very high in salt. Hope this helps! xx
  • I believe you can use cornflakes and there is a recipe in the annabel karmel book for chicken and cornflakes (sounds distugusting i know). You could always make you own veg soup if you have enough ingredients. Rice and pasta beg and ytom puree fine. All i would say with grapes be careful and the skin on them are really hard for a baby to eat/swallow so you could skin them for baba x
  • i dont think you can give tom purree as its too strong and i think soups are too salty for los ?
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