Oops!!.. & what you made up to keep the magic!?

This is for people with older Children really or those with stories lol.. just fun to share!

I was at MIL's yesterday and she was telling me that OH sister forgot to put money out for a tooth as in the 'tooth fairy'.. her little boy was really up set!! So she asked him where he put it.. and he said in a cupboard.. 'well OF course the fairy wouldn't find it THERE!! Keep it by your bed and I'm sure she will come tonight!!' so he did.. & guest what.. she FORGOT again!! :lol: 'next morning he came down REALLY upset! and OH's sister on the spot said 'Oh honey I know whats happened! She MUST be a NEW fairy!! & maybe she got a little confused about where she was meant to go, I BET she'll come tonight!!!' lol that night she put ??2 under his pillow and a little fairy note saying sorry I got lost i'm new! Well he has sooo excited!! and she told him what a lucky boy he was to get a NEW fairy that he must be an extra special boy!


what have you made up when you've been 'caught out' lol? or any stories youve heard? xx

:lol: the things we do huh!! x image


  • Awww!! How cute!! Haven't really had the chance to make up any stories yet as Kelsie is only 13 months, and Jack's 4 weeks........BUT.............If Kelsie finds something she shouldn't have i.e remote, phone etc......My OH says 'Oh thank you, I have been looking for that!! This is a special thing for you to find'!! And she quite happily hands it over!!

  • ha ha my mum did that to me too!!! she only forgot on one night but left ??2 pounds and a note to make up for it! i can't remember what excuse she gave me for "the tooth fairy" forgetting though!!
    as for santa, can't really help there, my oldest is 4 and he's never questioned it. i always make sure the wrapping paper from "his" gifts are different to mine. and we leave out milk and cookies (because i don't like mince pies!!!)
  • i put food/drink out the night before and do a trail of glitter from stockings at the end of the bed all the way downstairs to the living room. xx
  • I used to get 50P for my front teeth and ??1 for my 'big teeth'. Only one day I got 50P for a 'big tooth and I asked mum why.

    She told me it could be one of two things. 'Because I have lost so many teeth in a short space of time she has run out of money or it is because I eat too many sweets and my tooth was only half as good'. Soem of things parents come up with A. I did save my pocket money tho that week and not have sweets. LoL

    I also asked her one day why Santa's writting was just like hers. She told me it was because he was too lazy to write his own labels. LoL

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • justin lost his tooth at an animal park, he was there for the day with the school when his tooth fell out and he couldnt find where it landed.
    so i had to tell him that i would email the fairy and explain to her what happend.
  • i helped a child write to the tooth fairy once, explaining that she'd lost her tooth in the playground as she was so upset!
  • i forgot to say before that when visiting father christmas last year i had to tell my son that it wasn't the real father christmas but just someone who worked for him as the real one is very busy at this time of year sorting out all the children's presents. This was because he was upset that "father christmas" hadn't remembered him from the year before!!
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