Can anyone recommend ...

Hi ladies,

Can anyone recommend the Petite Star or a similar pushchair please. I'm looking for something thats light and folds up really small.

I Need something compact to fit in the tiny boot of my Seat Arosa. Ideally I would like to swop my car but just can't afford it at the mo! My lo is 9 months and Ive had a Loola since she was born but I'm just finding this really heavy to lift in and out all the time and its starting to do my back in.

Thanks for any advice xx


  • I have the maclaren spitfire which is similar to the quest. It is quite long when folded, but narrow. Fits easily into our golf.

    This is really well engineered with one hand fold and a really nicely balanced carry handle. I can easily carry it in one hand whilst holding lo with the other.

    i would take your car to mothercare and try a few out. get them to show you how they fold and check they fit your boot
  • I have the petite star zia and love the quinny but better cos it reclines!!!
  • lots of girls in my group have the petit star zia and love it. The quinny zapp is slightly lighter and supposedly better build quality. I'm a zapp girl myself for when lo is older and I need a smaller buggy
  • Hi there

    I have just got this buggy and HIGHLY recommend it - it's fab! Light, EASY to fold, reclines, folds small etc etc.

    Better than the zapp as it is much easier to fold and unfold, cheaper, and you can put bags on the back without it tipping up!

    Check out these topics about it too:
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