Hello - again!

Hi, I used to come on here a lot when I first had my baby but haven't been on for a long time. We are trying for another one so I am back on but I don't recognise many people so I thought I would introduce myself and say hi again, Hope you are all well image



  • ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh you never told me about the trying for a second!!!!!
  • Do you know, I was thinking only this afternoon that I didn't remember seeing you for ages. Welcome back hun
  • Hi Craftycharli - am obviously a glutton for punishment! Am hoping to be a bit less clueless this time around!

    Love your daughters name tallkatie2 - very pretty.
  • Thanks Bedhead - how have you found having another baby and a toddler?
  • Welcome back hon - am loving your avator pic - how gorgeous xxx
  • Chaos! But really, really happy chaos! Millie adores her new brother and is so good about sharing attention with him and he is a really happy, chilled out little lad so it's going great. What age gap will you have if you get your bfp straight away?
  • Am waiting for a date for an MRI which should be in Dec so having to wait for that (possible stress fracture on leg - probably from carrying my heavy baby around!).Assuming we can start in Jan and I get a BFP straightaway there would be a 21 month gap. I feel tired just thinking about it!
  • I have 22 months bewtween mine, it is tiring but it's a lovely gap. Hoping that when they get a bit bigger they'll entertain each other and I can just sit and eat cake lol
  • Hi, welcome back!
    I'm pregnant with number 2 now, think our los are similar age, I am feeling like I am totally nuts right now as I have had awful sickness this time round but hopefully it will all be worth it lol!!
    How is Neve doing? x
  • Bedhead that sounds like a great idea!

    Hi Liz, I saw that you were pregnant - congratulations! Love the new picture of Brendan. How many weeks are you? Neve is really well, she is walking now, only a few steps at a time but so pleased with herself. Amazing how she is so completely her own person now although I don't know if I will ever let her pick her own clothes - am having far too much fun!
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