Adoption diaries

Oh my...I really shouldn't watch that show!

I'll be honest, some of the stories I find confusing, like a lady giving up her daughter because he's relationship with the father failed...yet she already has a son??? Or another woman who gave her son for adoption, then a year and a half layer gave her daughter to the same couple..whilst keeping another 3.

I just don't get it. Why keep some children and not the other? The show is painful to watch at the best of times but my heart bleeds for the children for when they are older and they find out their mum kept her other children and gave them up. I know everyone has different circumstances so I'm not judging someone who puts their child up for adoption, I just sometimes don't understand why they do it image it'd tear me apart and anyone who can look past that urge of love to keep their child and see that the child would be better off with someone else must be a very strong person indeed


  • whens this on ? what channel?
  • Never seen it either...tell me more
  • It was on living and follows the adoptive parents waiting for the child to be born and the birth mother explaining why they have chose that option and dealing with the whole issue of giving the baby away.

    It's heart wrenching to watch the ladies sit there with the baby and finally deciding they're ready to say goodbye, whilst the adoptive parents sit at the side waiting for the handover. Tense to say the least!
  • omg sounds good but don't know if I could watch it I watched that '16 and pregnant' on mtv and there was an adoption on it and it was awful I cried while watching it AND after lol was so hard for the wee girl her mum deffo forced her into it but then I suppose the people who get the wee baby are delighted too
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