Am I the only one...

...who is nervous of newbies to the baby forum?

These people could be genuine but I'm not keen to reply to their posts, even to welcome them to the site. And this is all due to one person being malicious about my lo and being insane!


  • same here. there is also a fairly new user on baby. she has posted on alot of the due in 09s.

    think i may be a bit paranoid lol

    kerry xxx
  • I missed all the drama but have since caught up.
    I cant help being abit wary of newbies posting around now because it all seems abit to much of a coincedince(sp)
    That said I do think it would be a shame to let that one poster(and their aliases)ruining things!after all isnt this what they want?
  • I think you are right to be weary i am too, but as long as you don't give away too much info on here i guess its ok, although i can understand why you are particularly weary ccbmommy after those awful comments were said about your lo. But we can't let one ruin it for the rest. I was welcomed on here when i was a newbie and would want the same for other geniuine (sp) mummy's, just be extra observant xxx
  • I am the same, I have replied to the newbies post though as I remember being one ans its nice to be welcomed.

    Not everyone is a weirdo but of course there is a lot and I am sure she will be back on here under a diff name so will be here soon posing as someone else and that freaks me out a lot, who knows!

    I completely understand as she was so completely out of order saying what she did about peoples lo's. All of our lo's are beautiful and no one should get away with saying otherwise image xx
  • Nope your not alone, I'm the same. There wasn't any insult to me or my family (she wouldn't of wanted to either, I really would of killed her) but it was hurtful reading about what she was saying.

  • i didnt read the posts about your lo and some other lo (thanks to a mad week between babies unwell, work and Grandma poorly in hospital!), but i got the gist through other posts. try not to let a newbie put you off though. we've all been there at sometime, and most people join for genuine reasons - it is only the odd prick that is a nutter, but you can often spot them a mile off, as they come on here and immediately sound strange!

    this seems to happen periodically in the months ive been on here, but dont let them spoil your enjoyment on BE, or let that spoil any newbies time on here either.
  • Me too, she tried to start on me but gave up when she got absolutely no reaction! tbh I feel sorry for her as she obviously has a lot of problems. Don't forget as well that ANYONE can read what you post, not just members, so you need to be careful on ALL the threads, not just those started by new members. Lets try and get back to the friendly place this normally is though, if we change too much then the troll has won!
  • I presume you're all talking about me. I don't want to cause any trouble, just looking for online support and advice. Whatever happened before, I haven't a clue, but it must've been pretty bad for you to feel wary of me. i probably would be the same as i don't ever like giving away too much information about myself or my baby.
  • Hi, im 22 and my little boy Connor is 20 weeks on wednesday.
    Welcome to the forum!
  • Bedhead is right, anyone can read these posts and not be a member, so maybe this weirdo has taught us all a lesson in caution! Like I said on Lea Pea's post, I don't want to shun newbies as I don't think it's fair like others have said, and it would be a shame for the nutter to ruin for all others, but I will be being more cautious what information I share. I do think that any genuine newbies would probably wait a while to join if they saw the posts that have been going on anyway, as i'd never join a forum if I read some of the stuff that was being said the other day especially about your lovely LO. I just think we should talk about our stretch marks etc and get BE back to how it was. There will always be sickos trying to ruin it, and probably a few posting who arent who they say they are, so if we remember this and post accordingly we should all be fine. Of course we're going to feel wary, but it's not like they're going to be able to get our addresses etc from talking about green poo, lol. (Plus if they did we could totally take them! Haha)xxx
  • I must admit I feel paranoid too. This is awful I really want to trust the newbies too. We have all been there and we werent questioned when we all joined. Welcome BambinoBub. I hope you enjoy using the site, everyone is so friendly here. Its a shame recent events have made everyone a bit weary, but this will pass image x x x x
  • To any newbies reading's not against anyone personally. I am a nice person - lol!
    Just not when lo picked on.
    This is a great site for advice & support, just made me realise how open we are to physcho's (sp)!!
  • oh that is horrible! Your little girl looks so beautiful on your pic, how could anyone say anything bad! I can understand where you're coming from now. I hope you don't get put off any newbies tho in the future as I'm sure genuine ones come on here for a reason, just like I did, the last thing I need is more isolation! lol

    Take care BB x

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  • I actually feel sorry for those genuine newbies joining - they can't feel completely welcomed on here at the moment (but i completely understand everyone being wary), all i can say is if they are posting questions asking for advice/support then thats fine as this is what BE is all about!! Also to let them know we're a lovely bunch really! xxx Welcome Bambinobub!!!
  • Thank you funkymonkey!

    BB x
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