you think i should try soilds

hi girls
wade is 5months on the 1st jan and the last few days his been wanting he milk every 3hrs where he normally goes 4-5 hrs his on 6oz..
so my question is should i just up his feed he doesn't cry for more though
or is it just a growth spurt?
or should i try him on soilds now?
what u girls think?
gio xxx


  • My babies aren't here yet so am not speaking at all from experience but my friend's little girl is 3 and a half months and her health visitor has advised to start her on a bit of baby rice. It seems that there are mixed views on weaning before 6 months but at almost 5 months, if your little man is hungry, I wouldn't see any harm in introducing a bit of baby rice. Entirely your call though
  • hi, personally i wld up his feed. i think weaning at 5 months is fine but stil think its best to if possible to put it off til 6 months, not just coz of long term health effects but also you dont need to sterilise at 6 months.

    my lo was drinking 9oz bottles before i weaned him at 5 1/2 months.

    if you do decide to wean ive aways introduced one type of food every 4 days, and was pleased i did as was able to easily spot when my lo developed an allergy.

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